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  1. Alan_Reginato

    It's a Best Bitter day today - Woolly Sheep

    Hi! Could you please describe the flavour contribution of this addition? I'm thinking in brew a bitter and use EKG for the first time, all at 0 min, so I'd like to know how it will contribute. I brewd with Target, Admiral, Challenger, Northern Brewer and Willamette (it's really similar to...
  2. Alan_Reginato

    Sea yeast

    I just got across that.
  3. Alan_Reginato

    Flameout vs post fermentation hop tea addition

    Hi everyone! I'm thinking in split a batch of Pale Ale in 2. Half (18 L) goes to the fermenter, cooled by a chiller plate. The other half (18 L) will be top up with 7 L of filtered water and reheated to 95 C. Then add 95 g of CTZ, let it drop until 80 C before cooling. Both batches will be...
  4. Alan_Reginato

    Hops at the start of the boil: does the variety really matter?

    It only really matter if it's a short boil. Like 30 min or less. BTW how long do you boil it? Hope I do not start a fight....
  5. Alan_Reginato

    Cut short 30min boil

    OMG, last batch I let it boiled only 30 minutes. Do you think that I should throw it in the sink? It's undrinkable? Maybe a heresy and the gods of beer shall punish me?
  6. Alan_Reginato

    Some pointers on yeast (harvesting and health in general)

    My "house" yeast is a BE-134 that fermented a 8% beer in its first generation, in the 4th gen a 4%. Kinda made a good job, but poor yeasts... I don't use extra nutrients, my wort oxygenation is only splash, I ain't got temp control, the slurry is kept at closed beer bottles (last time was nearly...
  7. Alan_Reginato

    Some pointers on yeast (harvesting and health in general)

    Kveik is very flocculant. If you underpitch over and over from the same yeast slurry, maybe it became even more and now it's decanting before finish fermentation. Or maybe, because underpitch too, it had some mutations and became less attenuative. Try put all the jar inside and give a swirl on...
  8. Alan_Reginato

    Harvested Yeast

    Get a different approach. Ask them if they use a different yeast for bottle conditioning. If you're lucky, maybe they give you an answer.
  9. Alan_Reginato

    Cold Crash ?

    I forgot to mention, I filter the wort with a hop bag while transferring to fermenter. That's make a lot of difference. This way all the kettle goes down and with minimal material. No whirflock, no gelatin, no cold crash Picture of a saison I brewd recently.
  10. Alan_Reginato

    Cold Crash ?

    Once, in a side by side batch, one I did cold crash. At bottling, one more clear bottle for the cold crash batch, in 15. And it looks like more clear than the other batch. After 1 month, there was no difference between bottles. So, time works just fine. And your wife might not complain...
  11. Alan_Reginato


    My first brew with Voss smelled like orange peels/tangerine. It's something like that you're getting from yours?
  12. Alan_Reginato

    Black ipa with English hops

    Maybe a bitter, like ESB. Or a black IPA. Pale ale plus 10-15% roasted wheat. Just one 60 min addition and then a huge load at flameout.
  13. Alan_Reginato

    Kveik vs Be-134 in a Session IPA

    Recipe: *Inverted Sugar was priming. Aiming 3 vol co2. Brewd 2 months ago. I splited batch, inoculated one with Voss Kveik and other with be-134. Kveik. Fermented @ 35 C, it smelled like tangerine or orange peel. Nice. But it tasted like a bitter tangerine or orange peel. I don't know if...
  14. Alan_Reginato

    Co-Pitching two dried yeasts

    Hi! Did you brew it? How it turns out? Asking, because I'm thinking of blend Voss Kveik with Be-134. I've both in slurry form and I kind think Voss isn't a very good attenuative yeast.
  15. Alan_Reginato

    Favourite Beer Style

    I like stouts and bitters, with saison yeast. How should we call it?
  16. Alan_Reginato

    BE-134 fermentation temperature - Experiment

    Hi! Here's the recipe: And I split in two fermenters. One was put in ice bath and the other remain at room temperature. Average fermentation temp for the first one, 22 C. The second, 28 C. Initially I found a huge difference between them, the high temp has a distinct clove/cinnamon aroma...
  17. Alan_Reginato

    Excess Trub

    Try using a hop bag or a biab bag as a filter, prior transfer to fermenter. Works for me.
  18. Alan_Reginato

    How would 20% carafa special I be in a beer?

    Did you brewd that? How it turns out? And how much carafa special 2 did you use in your last black IPA?
  19. Alan_Reginato

    Can we be a little more accepting of our differences?

    I just don't want to understand people who say "it's expensive, so it's better" somehow. Usually what they mean is "I spent a lot of money on this so I need it to be better". But respect is imperative, so I just don't reply.
  20. Alan_Reginato

    Ooops pitched my Kveik at 45C - will it be ok

    Yeah! Recipe and tasting notes, if you don't mind. It's always nice to see what others homebrewers are doing.