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  1. gar

    Coopers Family Secret Ale/Masterpint IPA

    I've made the coopers family secret in the past, it was harsh and unpleasant. I ended up blending it with hobgoblin or Newcastle brown to take the edge off it.
  2. gar

    R.I.P Thread.

    Burke Shelley. RIP. I saw Budgie a few times when a kid. They rocked
  3. gar

    Show us your guitar(s)

    Nice work cat. Glad it turned out well. I did a PRS style kit a few years back, spent ages on it. when finished, it seemed like a kids guitar or a 3quarter size. I was gutted and felt ripped off. Swapped it for a practice amp tho, so ended up ok and enjoyed fettling and finishing the guitar...
  4. gar

    2L / Half gallon demijohns

    I use 2L cider jugs. A standard plastic wine bottle "cork" fits. i drilled a hole in it to take an airlock
  5. gar

    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Red rebellion. Ta
  6. gar

    Simply Beer Kits Promotion

    These are the only kits i do these days. I'll check out your site the next time i want some.
  7. gar

    Stout kit

    I brew the coopers irish and simply export stout regularly. You need to add a kilo of extra fermentables to obtain 4%(ish). i also add a few hundred grams of choc malt and roasted barley. (Hot or cold steeped, sieved and boiled). Works a treat.
  8. gar

    Morgans Australian Old

    Hi. I've only done the morgan's amber. Not nice at all.
  9. gar

    So who's growing chillies 2021?

    Thanks. I grew them a few years ago.. must've been a random seed that snook in.
  10. gar

    So who's growing chillies 2021?

    This is a rogue amongst my cayenne. Anyone recognise it?
  11. gar

    So who's growing chillies 2021?

    Our golden Cayenne are disappointingly bland this year. Plenty of fruit and the plants seem healthy, just a bit bland. I'll maybe go shopping for new seeds..
  12. gar

    Supermarket Juice Wine How To guide and Recipes.

    finings going to random badger
  13. gar

    Supermarket Juice Wine How To guide and Recipes.

    i sometime make a wine kit, but don't use the finings. So i have a couple of pouches of 2 part A/B finings if anyone wants them, drop me a DM and i'll put them in a jiffy bag to you.
  14. gar

    Wineworks Vino Dried Fruit Wine Kits

    hi, what do you get in the mysterious brown paper package? i bought some powdered grape from $bay some years ago, and the resulting wine was not great. just wondering if this is a similar thing.
  15. gar

    Supermarket Juice Wine How To guide and Recipes.

    Drinking a bottle of forum rose', it's very slightly fizzy an very nice. I guess the slight fizz is from an unfinished ferment and the last of the bottle has become cloudy from a slight sediment. It fermented down to 994 and i campdened it before bottling. Anyone else experienced this?
  16. gar

    Substitute for white grape juice?

    Cheer led_zep. I'll just get on with it next time
  17. gar

    Substitute for white grape juice?

    Last time i used sultanas, took me hours to rinse the oil off them. I used hot and cold water, but the oil slick just kept forming. Any advice for next time?
  18. gar

    Supermarket Juice Wine How To guide and Recipes.

    +1 on the tinned peaches, also just opened my first forum Rose`, very nice.