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  1. Frogbrew

    Red grape juice Lidl

    As title, found red grape juice in my Lidl today, can't remember the last time they had some. Ive not made a wow with this since before covid. 100% not from concentrate. Grab while you can @99p ltr.
  2. Frogbrew

    Gozdawa legacy pils kit.

    Hi all, anyone done this kit before? Just recieved from ebay and was looking for any recomendations for brewing. I've got quite a few bitters/ipa bottles in my garage which i never fancy, especially in warm weather so i thought i might try a lager style for a change. I want to leave the kit as...
  3. Frogbrew

    Rice wine yeast, anyone tried it? Anyone tried using this rice wine yeast from China to brew fruit wines or WOW?
  4. Frogbrew

    White grape powder wine.

    Anyone else tried this white grape powder?? Just put a 5 lt one on using it for the first time, smells nice. Bought off eBay for £15 comes with free yeast and nutrient too. You need 460g to make 23 ltrs and 4kg sugar, so scaled it down to 5ltr for a first attempt.
  5. Frogbrew

    Simply lager kit.

    Hi all, have this kit to get on but want to add a dry hop after fermentation, something citrussy maybe. Any recommendations? Had a few of these tonight and were real nice, more like a hoppy pale ale than a lager. Would like to make something similar if possible.
  6. Frogbrew

    Camden tablet.

    Hi all, need to Camden about 12 ltrs of water to get a kit on tomorrow. Is half a tablet ok? How long should it take before I can use it?
  7. Frogbrew

    John bull country cider, add spice?

    Made thus kit up tonight slightly short to 20ltrs using 1kg brewing sugar, not done this kit before but thinking could I add some sort of spice to make a spiced apple version. Which spices to add and when to add is the advice I need.
  8. Frogbrew

    Mini keg cooler jacket.

    Just spotted this on hotukdeals, may be of use to someone on here.
  9. Frogbrew

    Magnum dry white kit.

    Bottled this kit yesterday and couldn't resist a bottle last night. Brewed as instructed adding 3.5 kg of sugar and used bottled 17p water. Finished at 995fg after 2 weeks in fv, transferred to another fv, degassed, stabilised,finings and 3 days later bottled nice and clear. Finished up with 26...
  10. Frogbrew

    How much campden?

    I'm going to put the b&m tequila and lime lager on tomorrow and I usually use bottled water but now I have a second 23ltr fv I thought I may try tap water treated with campden the night before. Question is how much of a tablet do I need for the required 12 ltr kit?
  11. Frogbrew

    Better brew wine kit.

    Just put this 6 bottle betterbrew bianco classic kit on, really simple as no sugar to add, just empty the bag in and add lukewarm water up to 4.5 ltr and add yeast/nutrient sachet. Bought kit from homebrew online for £7.99 as it had a short date 10-2018, will be interesting to see how it turns out.
  12. Frogbrew

    Cheap pitcher for summer

    1525272823420-485327653 by Frogbrew posted May 2, 2018 at 3:54 AM As title guys, bought one of these today from wilkos only £1. Ideal for those of you who bottle into 1 or 2litre bottles.
  13. Frogbrew

    Masterpint czech pilsener, anyone?

    As title guys, anyone tried this kit, cant find it in reviews section. Looking to brew a lager just in case we get some sunshine at some point:laugh8:
  14. Frogbrew

    Amphora wine kit.

    Just ordered one of these kits from ebay (10 Ltr version, white, £10 posted) my first try with dried grape powder ingredients. Sorry can't post the link from my phone. Anyone tried the Amphora kits?
  15. Frogbrew

    TC Brewday, blackcurrant.

    my blackcurrant tc brewday. 7 ltr aldi aj 1 400ml bottle blackcurrant lowitz 2 tbag tannin in 500ml boiling water with 16 sweetener tabs(hermesetas) small tsp of each, pectolase, nutrient, citric. topped up to 9ltr mark with bottled water. CML cider yeast sprinkled on top and stirred after a...
  16. Frogbrew

    Bure gold anyone?

    Anyone done this woodfordes kit? Is it a new one? Thanks.
  17. Frogbrew

    Bread and butter

    I had a couple of these this afternoon, a very nice hoppy pale ale, anyone tried it? Wish my simply pale ale had some more happiness to it.
  18. Frogbrew

    Belvino wine kits

    Hi all, has anyone tried the above kit? I can't find any reviews for the white versions. Can anyone recommend? I believe they're made from dried ingredients rather than concentrated grape juice which is new territory for me.
  19. Frogbrew

    beer finings for WOW(WINE)

    I asked my missus to fetch me some finings from wilkos while she was out and brought me back beer finings (chitosan). Can i use this to clear my WOW or not?
  20. Frogbrew

    Isinglass finings, buying.

    Anyone recommend me somewhere to obtain Isinglass finings (cheaply), just used the last of mine in my latest WOW. Last lot i bought from lhbs which has now closed down unfortunately.