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  1. Jakeyboi

    How much of this starter to pour off ?

    I made a 2L then 5L starter with the same yeast not long ago. I left it in the fridge for 48hrs, as Im led to believe that hazy layer is live yeast in suspension, after that it was 90% clear beer which I decanted then swirled the rest and chucked it in the new starter. Did the same for...
  2. Jakeyboi

    Equipment For Sale Keezer and kegs

    @Ronnie23 how many kegs come with it 4?
  3. Jakeyboi

    Made a slight mistake

    Best beer I ever made was a frozen stout. Enjoy! If you only bottle 2.5l out of 5L I think you can assume the ABV is now double? Not sure how it will carb up, mine was in a keg. I’m sure some yeasties hunkered down and survived.
  4. Jakeyboi

    I brewed 2 all grain beers in 5 hours

    Hey brewers I just thought I would share my experience today, maybe some will find it helpful, I expect some of you already do this in some form. I’m certainly going to be doing it more often, maybe even steeping speciality grains so as not to always being doing a smash. Basically I never...
  5. Jakeyboi

    Cooper Canadian blonde beginner help

    If your looking to make fosters or Carling, don’t use any malt extract. Use brewing sugar. Keep your brew colder than recommended whilst it’s fermenting around 18C and leave it completely alone for a few weeks before you think about bottling
  6. Jakeyboi

    Equipment For Sale 3 x fermzilla for sale

    Ahh I want one, I have the 55L. Im curious what are you using to ferment in if your selling them?
  7. Jakeyboi

    Vienna lager water profile.

    Thanks for all the replies. I brewed this today and kept my water as it comes. It turned out good before and I didn’t tamper with it that time. 57L In the fermenter 😳👌🏼
  8. Jakeyboi

    Vienna lager water profile.

    Thanks, I will prob go for the 2:1 ratio but keep the calcium down like both of you then.
  9. Jakeyboi

    Vienna lager water profile.

    Hi everyone. I’m brewing 60L of Vienna lager at the weekend, which will be one of 3 beers for a friends wedding in June. I’ve brewed this beer before with good results, however I’m really trying to dial in everything I can this time. My understanding of water profile/chemistry is extremely...
  10. Jakeyboi

    Prices about to go up substantially

    I’ve not brewed for a year, just done an order for supplies and am shocked!!! Most things seem to have doubled in that time.
  11. Jakeyboi


    Nice thread. Had a good read. I too have the Dan toombs books. I’ve spent hours making spice blends/ base sauce and marinating meat to make curries and trying to get that authentic BIR flavour. After the last curry I made with seasoned oil, spice stock, base curry etc etc I turned to wife and...
  12. Jakeyboi

    January 2021 comp - American pale ales

    Yep that should be enough time. Pm me your address Jake
  13. Jakeyboi

    January 2021 comp - American pale ales

    Hi I bottled a beer a couple of nights ago, I would like to enter but needs carbonate. What’s the latest date for entry?
  14. Jakeyboi

    Brew years resolutions?

    Brew the “dark lord” by three floyds. I have almost all the ingredients just waiting on some CO2 hop extract, and lots of new equipment, that really was necessary! and I will ready to go. It’s a mammoth beer over 6 hours of boiling wort and a final gravity of 1051!! If I can brew it this month...
  15. Jakeyboi

    Secret Santa Reviews 2020!

    English pale ale This beer poured perfectly clear, and a lovely golden colour with a small white fluffy head which quickly dispersed. Aroma is earthy and very much like a lager, and much the same with the flavour, in a good way! I had a really hard time trying to describe the flavour of this...
  16. Jakeyboi

    Secret Santa Reviews 2020!

    My first beer, in my excitement I forgot to take a picture American amber This beer poured a deep amber colour (as per the name), however my steady pouring gave it no head. But it did give off a beautiful aroma of sweet malt and bright orange scents. With very low carbonation, this beer...
  17. Jakeyboi

    Secret Santa Beer Swap 2020!

    American amber arrived yesterday. So that’s both beers safe and sound. Cheers guys merry Xmas
  18. Jakeyboi

    Mango wine - please help!

    I got so so drunk on homemade Mango wine when I was 16, be very cautious when drinking!