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  1. Beer Please

    Frozen beer

    So the new fridge I bought 2nd hand was working a treat…. Until I went away for the weekend. I came back to find it at -10c 😱 should have been +1c. I had beer (in bottles) clearing and they appear to have foamed up and then frozen 🙈 creating a right bloody mess. I now have my beer back at the...
  2. Beer Please

    Bottle washing hacks

    So, it can’t just be me that thinks the bottle washing/sterilising part of brewing is tedious…Theres just so much faffing about and never enough space for bottles! Currently wash the bottles in Chemsan Foaming No rinse sanatiser and then rinse out with water. A bit belt a braces I know but a bit...
  3. Beer Please

    Thanks all…

    Just wanted to say a big “thanks 👏🏻“ to all the members on here for answering my stupid questions over the past months. 1st AG brew (Deuchars bottle version) poured from keg yesterday and I am most pleased with the results. Great timing too. Just tested positive for the Rona 👎🏻 Just as well...
  4. Beer Please

    Recommend me a scale….

    ….for weighing hops accurately. Thanks all 🙏🏻
  5. Beer Please

    Dry hopping

    Just to clarify, If my recipe says “dry hop 5 days” am I right in thinking that you bung the hops into the FV on the 5th day its been in there? tia
  6. Beer Please

    Differences in BF vs BF ?

    Hi all. Somewhat perplexed. transferring a 23l batch of Deuchars IPA into a pressure barrel in a weeks time and was looking at how much priming sugar to add for secondary fermentation. Brewers Friend calculator says add 139.2g sugar Brew Father tools says 68.4g sugar 🤔🤔🤔 Why the difference...
  7. Beer Please

    1st AG with a Brewzilla

    So, bought a Brewzilla in November and what with xmas/life/ingredients going missing in the post etc, I am planning my 1st brew with it next weekend. Lots of questions to follow 🙄. Have a Deuchars IPA AG kit, 4.5kg grain bill. Recipe says 23l fermenter, 29.1l boil. Using BF mash...
  8. Beer Please

    Rice hulls

    Hi all. I see a lot of those using a bewzilla suggest using rice hulls in the grain bill to prevent blockages/help with sparging. What ratio should I be using? TIA
  9. Beer Please

    Ph tester

    Looking for recommendations for a PH tester that want break the bank. tia 👍🏻
  10. Beer Please


    Straight forward question. When bottling, do members add beer and then the sugar, or the other way round? and would appreciate reasons please. thanks.
  11. Beer Please

    Suppliers advice

    Hey all. Looking for your suggestions on suppliers of brewing supplies. Primarily grain, yeast, hops etc. No home brew shop near to me and delivery rates for the highlands of Scotland are eye watering at times. cheers
  12. Beer Please

    Fermentation times

    Hi all. Newbie so forgive the stupid question…I can feel the eyes rolling already 🙄 Immersing myself in brewing and soaking up a huge amount of information from the posts on the forum. I am currently brewing an APA from a LME kit. Its sat in my home made fermentation cupboard and has been...
  13. Beer Please

    Podcasts suggestions anyone?

    Hi all. Do a lot of driving and listen to podcasts to drown out the covid news 😆 Any UK based podcasts worth a listen? Can only seem to find US ones…🤔
  14. Beer Please

    Robobrew Brewzilla 3.1

    Hi all. Anyone have any experience of this system? Interested in taking my brewing to the next level and where better to get advice on these things than from you guys. Thanks in advance.
  15. Beer Please

    Hello from the Highlands

    Hi All. Beer drinker from the Scottish Highlands.. thats me on the left. New to home brewing. Using basic brew kits for a start with intention of going all grain once I’m comfortable with the process. I’ve have managed 3 brews so far. IPA & APA’s. 1st one was spot on 😁. Foolishly thought I had...