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  1. Joust

    Ball bags

    Now then gentlemen. It's one of the hottest sweatiest days of the year and I'm off for the snip... Any other "Decommissioned" men have any tips for me and my swift recovery? I remember my dad saying his swelled up like a coconut and he had crutches. But he may well have used a local farmer...
  2. Joust

    What's ya cost saver?

    I was talking to a couple of old boys about brewing recently. They were banging on about their cost saving tips. One said they reuse their spent dry hopping hops in the next boil. Which sounds a bit mad to me. And the other said they get about 10 uses out of their sanitiser mix. I'm not...
  3. Joust

    Shaft and nut size

    I've got cheap a secondhand pub lager tap that I'm using as a 2nd tap with my home bar. But it's missing it's nut that goes on the shank which secures to the wall or whatever your using. Anyone got any tips on measuring it to work out which nut to buy? I've drilled a 20mm hole in the wood part...
  4. Joust

    Hop suggestions please

    I'm planning on doing a beer using 4kg of dark dme and possibly extra sugar. Aiming for 7.8% or so. I'll be using an extract for bittering as I have no time for full brewing. But will be keeping it fairly punchy. Probably start at 70 or 80 IBU and add more to over 100 if it seems to need it...
  5. Joust

    Corny keg fridge - from scratch.

    Now then, I live in central(ish) London. Although I'm lucky enough to have a garden I'm very short on space and spousal patience. So I can't just have a big chest freezer or tall fridge kicking about for my drinking and tinkering. I'm planning on completely dismantling a small fridge freezer...
  6. Joust

    Lazy brewing. Adding hops to kits.

    Anyone got any thoughts on fiddling with kits to make fancier beers? Due to a baby, time is at a premium at the moment. And the need for beer is at a high. I've been using different basic kits and then dry hopping the Christ out of them. It's surprisingly pretty good. What do people think...