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    Kegland n2/CO2 potential issue

    I gave a potential issue with my 4 month old kegland n2/CO2 reg. hoping someone can offer some advice. Generally it’s working well. I only connect it to the keg when dispensing and similarly only turn on the cylinder when dispensing. Running about 50psi on the stout. My concern is that the...
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    Weirdest question? How to dry tubing?

    I can’t believe I can’t find anyone who’s asked this, but it seems obvious. You have 3m of tubing from your coil cooler or beer line or whatever that you want to store, you don’t want to store it damp. So what? I hook it on the stairs to air dry. Anyone else have an idea that actually works...
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    First venture into Nitrogen and Stout faucet

    Just to report in on my foray into nitrogen and stout. Brewed a beer according to the Velveteen Milk Chocolate Stout recipe, and being new to All Grain and having broken my main thermometer, I was a little off with my temps, I think the reason I ended up with a high OG an FG. About 5.8% in the...
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    Gas regulator - should they also vent to maintain target

    Hi all, New to regulators and I have just bought a kegland mk4 for nitrogen. I’m a little surprised it doesn’t maintain target pressure even in case of over pressure, but I’m just a little surprised. Are there such things as regulators that maintain a target range, so will vent if pressure...
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    Mark in Sutton Coldfield

    Hi all, long time leech of the info in here, finally joined up. been brewing for about 20 years, moving from cheap extract kits, through premium kits, to stovetop AG, to full AG, and now running Nitrogen fuelled Cornelius kegs - first ever corny keg just conditioning now and can’t wait too test...