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    I it generally cheaper

    Yup, once again dementia was kicking at my heels. Very pleasant landlady too.
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    I it generally cheaper

    I envy you your future samplings. 🤢🤢. The Furlong in Faversham is good, as is the Frog and Furkin in Herne Bay. Paper Mill and Donna's in Sittingbourne too, although last time I was in Donna's they were doing a far better trade in gin than ale.
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    I it generally cheaper

    You are very lucky living in Kent (especially if you live near Ramsgate) of having a surfeit of micropubs and small brewers. My local, when I go to Rainham, is the Prince of Ales, who generally have 4 different brews on at a time. Many a time I've tried all 4 as they are never much above 4.8 or...
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    I it generally cheaper

    There's a "pub" in Avranches that sells a very good selection of strong (and not so strong) French and Belgian brews. And at a very reasonable price (as at before lockdown of cafes, pubs, etc). Frequented by a lot of young people and one or two "beardies" ( you just know they're Brits). Looking...
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    I it generally cheaper

    L'Odon is a brewery near Caen. Yes they are swingtops, that's why I said stoppers instead of tops, dementia overtook me at just that moment!!! Came past yours on the way up from St Nazaire last July. Not sure if we came through the town or by-passed it. Nice bit of country though. Thanks for the...
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    I it generally cheaper

    Ankou Live in 50240, St Laurent de Terregatte. The cafe in the next village along does L'Odon, 330ml bottles. They do about 9-10 different brews but two or three good ones, and they aren't cheap. The cafe in our village does Pelforth (new owners-- last several stuck with Kronenbourg) and...
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    I it generally cheaper

    Buying supermarket beer in bottles in France is very expensive, unless you want the Kronebourg or other watery French or European beers. Won't drink any beer out of tins. Having said it's expensive, the abbey type brews from Northern France and Belgium are usually cheaper here than in UK. Good...
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    Can I open bucket lid to take gravity measurement?

    Just drop the hydrometer into the fermenter and read off. The angle may be a bit off, but if you take OG the same way it evens up.
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    Cheapest no rinse sanitiser

    I use Milton and don't find it has any problems, but I do rinse.
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    To gerryjo and lisaMC Beware of buckets that used to contain mayonnaise and other foodstuffs. They may have changed over the years but they used to have a layer of a kind of waxy substance coating the inside. I used one once for wine and the alcohol or yeast or whatever was in the brew began to...
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    Animal feed???

    I was just wondering if anyone on this forum had ever used animal feed mix (corn, barley, wheat, molasses) to make a beer!!! I have seen this mentioned on a US distillers forum and they did say that you could buy the mix in UK (Yorkshire and Durham were mentioned) but that was dated 2012 and I...
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    Name your favourite shop bought beers.

    I agree with Pilgrimhudd. Used to drink a lot of Doombar and Tribute in Kent, out of the pump. Don't like them bottled and have recently found them to be not as good as a few years ago. Had Jail Ale in Cornwall and Devon on tap. My favourite to this day. Tried it in Kent and other places north...
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    So. Who remembers Beer Festivals? Which/where was your last?

    First was in Weis (Wies???) just outside Brussels in 1972. Superb weekend. Last was Swale CAMRA Bierfest at Kemsley, Sittingbourne, 2016. Good ales (21) and good band. Pity the hall was almost like an aircraft hanger. Several in between, mostly just OK. Living in Normandy so not many festivals...