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    Black Sabbath

    Hi Bungle, hope it works out this time. You made a starter or rehydrating maybe?
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    Tried a 10l BIAB brew - disappointed with times.

    I do similar amounts and reach the end of the boil in 2.5 to 3 hours. I cool in the sink down to approx 30-40C and then transfer to FV, and leave it to cool before pitching. So I see the main job as being 3 hours max. I'm cleaned up by then pretty much, it's just waiting for it to cool then...
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    Identifying a flavour

    Cascade is the common hop in those three beers, not Columbus. But it's impossible to know what flavour you mean cos you mention fresh grain, Columbus hops and hop intensity as possibilities. I've had Lagunitas and Goose, maybe it's something to do with C hops and the intense aroma that you like.
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    Hops for Irish Stout

    Plenty of choices. Northdown, Progress, Challenger and Bramling Cross are excellent English hop stout options. And Brewers Gold, English but grown in Germany. As for American hops, I think Centennial are fantastic in everything, including stouts. Though Irish stouts don't have late boil or dry...
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    Clibit's Half-Hearted Ale

    Noooooooooo!!!!!!! :doh: :lol:
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    Grain crusher

    You gonna hit the grain with a spanner? :lol:
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    Forum members summer gathering.....Brewing Buddies Bash

    I post on Jim's a certain amount, it's a trouble free zone with very knowledgeable and helpful members.
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    Is anyone brewing anything from DIYDOG yet?

    Now they've sorted out the errors it's a very useful resource. I've always liked Brewdogs brewing bravado, creating very different recipes, and I will certainly look for ideas from their recipes and try a couple of the recipes.
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    Perceived Bitterness

    That's really interesting thanks. Stuff to chew over.
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    Any advice/ideas for more advanced brews?

    I'm obviously going to agree with Glentoran but a stepping stone would be to use very bland pale kits and adapt them with steeping grains and hops. You can convert a bland kit into virtually anything, bitter, brown ale, Porter, stout etc. And you learn about grains and hops and make much better...
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    Is anyone brewing anything from DIYDOG yet?

    It is in there. Looked a nice recipe, another brewdog beer I've not sampled.
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    Perceived Bitterness

    Thanks geetee. I did once make a beer that I threw lots of high alpha flameout hops into, and it was extremely bitter, much more so than the bittering hop addition would account for. I don't have a wort chiller but cooled it in the sink, it was a half sized batch.
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    Forum members summer gathering.....Brewing Buddies Bash

    I meant my post will be removed sorry, not yours. I've poisoned your thread, my apologies, especially if the thread gets removed cos of me.
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    Yeast consistency.

    If you handle yeast carefully, sterilise everything, and pitch enough yeast, it will behave fine.
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    It is better than normal but why?

    I have absolutely no idea why that brew was better, but you sound like a very good brewer to me with all that attention to fermentation and conditioning. Leaving beer on the yeast sediment for ages has ruined beer for me, but some how it's worked in your favour. It may not happen again, but you...
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    We've finally sacked McLaren... thank God for that

    Total dipstick. :thumb:
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    Is anyone brewing anything from DIYDOG yet?

    Thanks, I've never had those.
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    Perceived Bitterness

    I know! But actually it's not rocket science, you mainly need to understand which hops, malts and yeasts you like, and decide how strong and how bitter you want the beer to be. And how much body. You can start by naming the commercial beers you like and finding out what they are made from, the...
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    Forum members summer gathering.....Brewing Buddies Bash

    There is already a home brew festival for all the UK brewing forums but every effort to advertise it on here was banned and removed. I stood down as a moderator partly for that reason. I now understand that Mansemasher has left the forum, and am contemplating doing do myself. Not for the first...
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    Perceived Bitterness

    I agree. I'm mostly adding some hops late boil plus some sort of hop addition after the beer has cooled, either at or below 80C in the kettle, or dry, or hop tea when I bottle, or a combination. But I'm not really looking to emulate the really hop dense beers that some of the US breweries...