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  1. Mayor of Simpleton

    SouthDowns Brews

    One of my new year resolutions is to keep better records of my brewing. My brew day record keeping itself is good in terms of timings and measurements but I am guilty of shoving the fermenter in my brew fridge and then the records stop (aside from measuring SG and determining when to keg)...
  2. Mayor of Simpleton

    Forced Carbonation and Keg conditioning

    Evening wise ones. I have dipped my toes into the world of kegging. My kegerator is built and set to 11 C; my first keg has been filled with what I am hoping will be a fantastic Rye Pale Ale hopped with Mandarina Bavaria. I have my CO2 on and set to about 13 psi and everything hooked up to...
  3. Mayor of Simpleton

    Stuck Mash

    Morning forum wise ones. For the first time in my 5 year all grain brewing journey I am experiencing stuck mashes. This happens with every brew from simple bitter to NEIPA to stout. I started to add 5% rice hulls to every brew but this hasn't made a difference. Sourcing crushed grain from...
  4. Mayor of Simpleton

    Double brew days

    I am thinking of attempting a double brew day and am interested to get some tips on how to do this without it turning into a logistical nightmare. I have a 3 vessel system and brew 23 L batches. I don't really have space to add more so I am going to have to use the same HLT, MT and kettle for...
  5. Mayor of Simpleton

    Session IPA - summer beer

    I want to brew a summer session beer and am trying to work out a recipe. Thinking about 3.6-4.0% max. I want to do it in an IPA style; probably just using maris otter, munich/vienna and crystal malts. Hops TBD; but citrus/pepper springs to mind. I want to make sure the beer has the body...
  6. Mayor of Simpleton

    First of the year

    Onto my third AG brew and first of 2016. Making a Butty Bach clone. I have no idea how it will pan out as my t'internet searches gave me a couple of recipe choices so I ended up going off piste a bit. Anyway, 23 L in the FV yesterday from the following:- 4.2 Kg Maris Otter 0.2 Kg...
  7. Mayor of Simpleton

    Hello from West Sussex

    Greetings all. I have been reading this forum for a while now and thought I should post - it's a goldmine of information. I started homebrewing last year when the in-laws bought me a kit. It's the first time I have attempted homebrew since my student days when we never used to sterilise...