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  1. Tinlife


    Hi all - tinlife here! Has anyone attempted to make Japanese Umeshu in the UK using fruit other than ume, like in this example: Umeshu - Japanese 'Plum' Wine - with ume OR green apricots ( Any help much appreciated. Tinlife
  2. Tinlife

    Wilko Beer Finings

    Hi everyone, Tinlife here! A quick question if you good people don't mind. I recently bought a sachet of Wilko beer finings and am keen to see if it makes a difference. My questions though are: 1. I bottle condition/carbonate, will the finings stop the carbonation process by stripping out the...
  3. Tinlife

    Serving straight from a 30ltr Fermzilla allrounder

    Hi Everyone, Tinlife here! I know there's already a few posts on the Fermzilla but looking through them I'm not sure if anyone has answered my question: Has anyone any experience of using the fermzilla to serve directly from? I don't have a keg and like the idea of brewing in and serving from...
  4. Tinlife

    Should I be worried

    Hi All, Tinlife here! I recently put on 22litres of the Canadian Ale from Wilko - used 1kg of dry malt, 250g of brewing sugar, and dry hopped from day one (which I suspect was a bad idea). Bottled it on day 7 which was yesterday after 2 days of the same reading. I wanted to wait longer but I...
  5. Tinlife

    bottle conditioning question

    Hi Everyone - Tinlife here! A quick question I hope one of you can help me with please. I'm brewing from kits at the moment and the ones I've done say to brew in fermentation vessel for around 6 days and then bottle condition for 2 weeks. Can I ask, if I keep it in the fermentation vessel for...
  6. Tinlife

    Turbo cider

    Tinlife here! just banged on my first ever turbo cider attempt. Saw a guy on YouTube doing it so thought I’d have a go: Approx 3.5ltr of apple juice from concentrate 1ltr of cranberry jiice 300g brewing sugar. Sparkling wine yeast. haven’t a clue what to expect but had the stuff so fancied a go!
  7. Tinlife

    Dry hop bag

    Hi All, Tinlife here! A very basic question but one I hoped some good soul could help me with. I'm planning to add dry hops to my fermentation bucket in a few days. I've bought the hops and a few hop bags. My question is - how do people clean the bags before putting them in the bucket? I was...
  8. Tinlife

    Brew day plan

    Hi All Tinlife here! Planning my brew day and here’s what I’m thinking - any pointers much appreciated: 1 x coopers draught 1kg light dried malt extract 300g brewing sugar 25g Amarillo hops. my plan is to do the hops as a tea in the empty coopers can - 20mins in the can and then throw in the...
  9. Tinlife

    Napisan to freshen my fermentation bucket

    Hi All First proper post from a new brewer. I recently had some seriously rotten smells coming from my “clean” fermentation bucket after brewing a couple of bad batches. Had a look at recommended fixes and saw a few recommending unscented Napisan. We had some in from a few years back so I...
  10. Tinlife

    New and green

    Hi All, Tinlife here! I’ve been reading posts on here for almost a year now but only just signed up. I’ve been brewing Kit beers since last october, and enjoying it. Had around 5 dreadful brews before I realised my sanitiser is just that - it doesn’t also clean! Latest brew (coopers draught)...