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  1. Hopsteep

    October Competition- Dark Beers

    @Subtle Duck has kindly asked me to judge this month on his behalf 🍺 So, dark beers! If you would like to enter please reply below and I’ll drop you a pm with my address. I’ll aim to judge on the week of the 8th November so plenty of time to get brewing 👍
  2. Hopsteep

    Equipment Wanted SS Brewtech 14 Gallon Brewbucket

    If anyone is looking to sell their 50L brewbucket (or similar sized stainless FV) please drop me a message 🍺
  3. Hopsteep


    Hi everyone, A friend has, like many non brewing folk during lockdown, built a garden bar and has a handpump for use with commercial polypins etc. He’s invited us round in a few weeks and I thought I’d brew something to take round. So my question- What should I be looking for to fill with...
  4. Hopsteep

    New Bespoke Wine Tastings

    We've just launched an industry first, fully bespoke wine tasting 🍷 After being frustrated at seeing numerous wine tastings advertised that fall short on quality we decided to invest in putting together what we believe is the most comprehensive and quality driven service available. Bespoke...
  5. Hopsteep

    80L/100L Stock Pot

    Hi everyone, Looking online, all the home-brew shops are sold out of large stock pots. I've messaged Mr Lard to ask when he will have some back in. I also tried to email Bergland but the email bounced back so I assume they aren't trading any more. If anyone happens to see any new pots at a...
  6. Hopsteep

    Corky Winers | Fine Wine, Craft Beer, Artisan Cheese & more

    Hi everyone, Many of you have probably noticed that I haven't been brewing as often as I'd like to recently. Over the last few months I've been putting every waking minute into our new venture and I thought it was time to share our new business on here. Our inspiration for the Corky Winers...
  7. Hopsteep

    I think this sums it up...

  8. Hopsteep

    If you could only take one beer with you to a desert island what would it be?

    If you could only take one beer with you to a desert island what would it be? 🍺 It would have to be a Verdant NEIPA for me...
  9. Hopsteep

    SS Brew Bucket Pressure Transfer Modification

    I thought I would put this together for anyone looking to modify their SS Brewtech Brew Bucket to allow pressure transfers. A quick disclaimer: The Brew Buckets are only rated to around 3psi and are not designed for pressure fermenting. Please use extreme caution when pressurising your...
  10. Hopsteep

    What are your go-to brewing related podcasts, YouTube channels, magazines or other extra-curricular sources of information?

    I’ve been listening to podcasts a lot lately when I can’t sleep and watching the home brew challenge on YouTube when I’m on the rowing machine in the mornings... what should I take a look at?
  11. Hopsteep

    Leaf hop whirlpool

    Quick question, I started with whole hops and a bazooka, then for the last few years gone to pellets, a good whirlpool and no filter. Im going to brew with my crop of Challenger and Goldings from the garden this week but I’m not sure if I should refit the old bazooka filter to the brew kettle...
  12. Hopsteep

    Forum Christmas Brew

    Evening all, Just an idea, but would anyone be interested in joining me in brewing a batch of beer for Christmas? Please vote above for the recipe you would most like to brew. Two votes per person. If you have only voted once but would like to add another vote then click on 'Change Vote'...
  13. Hopsteep

    August 2020 - British Pale Ales, Bitters and Milds

    August Competition - British Pale Ales, Bitters and Milds Good morning all, Not long now until the next monthly comp! Hopefully there will be a few entries for this category, I'm really looking forward to judging. For a bit of fun I'll throw in a prize- the winner can select any 250g packet...
  14. Hopsteep

    Hopsteep’s Panel Build

    Well, thought I’d make the most out of Lockdown and made a start on my control panel build. I was originally going to build a panel with two PIDs for use with my two vessel HERMS set up, but wanting to future proof it and hopefully have it wired up to a 2BBL brewery one day in the near future...
  15. Hopsteep

    Roger Ryman

    Sad to hear of Roger’s passing. He completely transformed St Austell brewery over the years. When I lived in Cornwall and started homebrewing I got in touch with him to ask about their processes and he was only too happy to lend some advice. I...
  16. Hopsteep

    Raw Wheat Conversion

    Good evening all, Long story short I've just tucked away an American Wheat in the beer fridge. My other half's family (can't reveal too much) can get me sacks of raw durum wheat due to their profession clapaSo today I added 2kg to the mash crushed to 0.8mm and I didn't convert anything with a...
  17. Hopsteep

    Not beer?

    I’ve been looking into cold brew coffee and serving it on nitro. The reason? I’m going to cut back on the beer to try and trim down a bit and want to make something with very little carbohydrate in it to have on an evening. So my question is, what have you brewed that’s not carby and...
  18. Hopsteep


    Good evening all, As I type this my other half has her eyes shut nestled up next to me. She’s gorgeous... and then it starts ashock1 The problem is that I’ve always been a poor sleeper. The slightest noise keeps me up. For the last year or so we’ve had an unspoken agreement where I go to sleep...
  19. Hopsteep

    Hopsteep Brewing

    Time to join the crowd and start one of these brew day thread things :beer1: This will be the first brew of 2020. My parents are coming to stay with us at the end of February so I need to brew something that my dad will actually enjoy. He is a little bit stuck in his ways (it was only...
  20. Hopsteep


    I’ve not seen many offers from the main home brew suppliers this Christmas. If anyone spots any good deals over the next few days please share them on here :beer1: