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  1. marshbrewer

    Pubs in Cardiff

    Looks like I'm having to stay in Cardiff tonight for work, probably at the Travelodge Whitchurch. Any forum members recommend a pub within walking distance where I can sit in the corner, crying into a pint of real ale wishing I was at home with my brewing gear family?
  2. marshbrewer

    Home brewing win win

    So, went for breakfast this morning after dropping the youngest off for her 11 plus tutoring. But of a hangover from homebrew, and me and the lovely wife decided to pop a bet on the Grand National. Saw a horse with Yeast in its name, and bunged a couple of quid on it. Then realised it was...
  3. marshbrewer

    Finings for hop debris - Magicol or Gelatine?

    My last brew day was a bit of a calamity. It was the first run out for my stainless mash tun made from a thermopot. That went well. What didn't go so well was the replacement tap on my burco boiler - a 1/2" ball valve from my old cool box mash tun, combined with a 100g hop stand whole hop...
  4. marshbrewer

    Underletting & foundation liquor

    For those of you who mash in using an underlet, and have a false bottom, do you add foundation liquor to the level of the false bottom and then add the grains to the mash tun then underlet, or just add the grains to an empty tun and underlet the full required liquor volume? If you do the latter...
  5. marshbrewer

    Recommended FVs?

    I need a couple of new FVs as the two I use, which I got from the range, have given up the ghost. I never really liked them, the lid and to of the FV seemed to have lots of nooks and crannies for things to hide in, and the lids have cracked around the circumference quite quickly. So what do...
  6. marshbrewer

    Manifold - tails to JG fittings

    I've got a 4 way gas manifold like the one in the picture below. Is it possible to unscrew and remove the tails, and replace them with some kind of John Guest fitting, or do I need to buy one already like that?
  7. marshbrewer

    Golden Syrup origins

    This post is probably of interest to nobody but me, but I thought I'd share it. The use of Golden Syrup in place of either brewers invert syrup or Candi syrup is well established, and the making at home of the various grades of either by heating or mixing with molasses has been covered before...
  8. marshbrewer

    Cutting holes in stainless

    I need to cut some large holes in my thermopot to for the bottom drain. Smaller holes, for all the 1/2" stuff I've got covered by a qmax cutter. So, what kind of holesaw blade do I need? Will a bi metal one be too soft; do I need some kind of carbide blade? Do I need special drill bits to...
  9. marshbrewer

    Badger Tanglefoot - dark?

    I love Tanglefoot, it's a beer I would love to emulate. However, I'm reading Mike Dunn's "Local Brew" (1986) and he describes Tanglefoot as "a fairly dark strong bitter which still retains a noticeably hoppy palate" Just out of interest, did it use to be darker than it is these days?
  10. marshbrewer

    Wheeler's BYOBRA - Is this all the editions available?

    I'm looking to collect all the editions of Graham's British Real Ale books, and I *think* this is it? (baring the latest one which I understand he had little to no involvement in, and disowned to some extent). Or are there others?
  11. marshbrewer

    Real Ale pubs - Sheffield

    As part of the national celebrations of JJSH's 50th Birthday, I am going to drag the wife and a couple of mates to Sheffield to drink real ale. We are staying quite near the train station. Any real pub recommendations? Obviously, there is the Sheffield tap at the station, but what else is good...
  12. marshbrewer

    Thermopot mash tuns - any advice?

    My coolbox mash tun is due for an upgrade; it has some scratches in it internally that won't clean, it doesn't hold temp very well anymore, and a leaky tap allowed wort to leak into the internal insulation which is tricky to clean. I'm thinking of upgrading to one made from a thermopot, as...
  13. marshbrewer

    Off taste help

    I seem to get an occasional off taste in my beers. It's hard to describe, but its like a bitterness that is reminiscent off, but different to, the Belgian clove type of character. It never appears in my dark beers, but quite often in blonde / light beers. Sometimes, I get it in amber beers but...
  14. marshbrewer

    Pubs in Pickering

    Getting married in Saturday, and as travel to our original honeymoon destination is currently impossible, we have having a couple of days in York followed by a couple of days in Pickering. Any pub recommendations for Pickering?
  15. marshbrewer

    New CML yeasts announced!

    From Crossmyloof's Facebook group; 'I've been told I need to tell people we've taken hold of two new beer yeasts before I get too merry - hic! 'Flushed Nun' - An Abbey Ale yeast and 'The Firm' - a Full Bodied English. After a test brew or two, and enjoying as we speak, I can confirm Friday...
  16. marshbrewer

    PH meters advice

    I've brought one of those yellow cheap PH meters from Amazon and was wondering about calibration. You get 2 sachets of powder with it that appear to make up 2 different solutions. But the instructions just reference using one (the pH 7 ish powder) and calibrating with that. I'm assuming I use...
  17. marshbrewer

    Bank Holiday Weekend Nearly Here....

    I've had to come to South Yorkshire for work today, which means when I try and get back home to the coast later its going to be a complete nightmare. Most of the routes are already snarled up by caravans. Then my local will be jam packed full of Yorkies telling everybody who doesn't want to know...
  18. marshbrewer

    1/2'' quick disconnects

    I'm after a couple of pairs of quick disconnects. I usually get them from Angel homebrew but they appear out of stock as do a couple of other places. Anyone know of anywhere who have them in stock at reasonable prices?
  19. marshbrewer

    Crossmyloof Wallonia yeast

    Is this a new one in their Beirm range? I know the saison yeast from their original range wasn't that highly thought off, but I wondered if anyone had given this one a go? It looks quite good value, and I fancy giving a Saison a go.
  20. marshbrewer

    Ultimate homebrew set up for sale!

    :laugh8: Historic Burtonwood Brewery put up for sale ahead of planned closure of site