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  1. Wilfy

    10 line beer cooler.

    Could be of interest for anyone in the north east.
  2. Wilfy


    I am now the proud owner of an Ooni oven that the missus bought me for my birthday. Anyone else have one and have any tips for the novice. First couple using someone else’s dough came out ok but not quite as good as I was hoping for. image upload
  3. Wilfy

    Grainfather Pump Replacement

    My Grainfather pump has never been reliable and now it has decided not to bother when I have just mashed in. Don’t fancy paying £120 for another piece of ***** to replace it with a genuine part. Are there any cheaper alternative pumps that will fit to the machine in its place.
  4. Wilfy

    Grainfather - Brew UK

    Knocking them out for £600.
  5. Wilfy

    Home Brew Online

    Free shipping for the next 48 hours. The code is - VIPSHIP.
  6. Wilfy

    Scott Walker RIP

    Died aged 76. asad1 The first dance at my wedding.
  7. Wilfy


    Anyone know anything about this sort of chiller? Mate is thinking of setting up a home bar and he’s found this.
  8. Wilfy

    Is the a check/no return valve?

    For a hand pull engine? Was clearing out my desk and found it there from when we changed a club into a pharmacy.
  9. Wilfy

    Free - Underbench Fridge

    We have an underbench fridge at work that we no longer require when we move office. It has no ice box so could be used as a fermentation fridge. Collection from Gosforth, Newcastle only.
  10. Wilfy

    Mash question

    I am wanting to put a brew on tomorrow but know I have to head out for a couple of hours so was wondering, if I set the mash away (grainfather), will it do any harm if I mash for say 3 hours rather than one?
  11. Wilfy


    I seem to be getting a redirect to click to win an iPad etc. Using safari on an iPhone. Anyone else?
  12. Wilfy

    Counterflow chiller - free

    Has a slight leak (where I’ve put tape on second pic). Got grainfather now so no longer needed. Collection only from Sunderland.
  13. Wilfy

    Keezer question

    Where is the best position for the inkbird sensor to be?
  14. Wilfy

    Young's bitter kits

    For anyone in the north east, factory clearance unit off Norham Road in North Shields are selling Young's bitter kits for £1 each. BBE Jan 2017. Just got 10
  15. Wilfy

    Quick beer line question

    I've looked at online calculators and me heed is battered. Can anyone tell me how long a length of 5/16 beer line will be needed to produce a decent pint served at 10psi please?
  16. Wilfy

    Beer Fonts

    Canny bargain.
  17. Wilfy

    Brewcrafter 25. New kid on the block. €499 delivered.
  18. Wilfy

    Anyone know what this is?

    A while back the firm I work for transformed an old social club into a pharmacy. I got some useful JG fittings but this was also there. What is it and is it of any use?
  19. Wilfy

    New brew stand

    Knocked this up today while I was making a Blue Moon clone. Need to get some ply machined at work and then it will be done.
  20. Wilfy

    Regulator help

    Trying to get my corny system set up but can't seem to get the fitting into the regulator for the gas line. I bought one of these 3/8-3/8 size Is this the correct...