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  1. AlDaviz

    Closure ?? Brew store Edinburgh Email today localish Brewstore in Edinburgh Closing ? Anyone know anything ? If I’m across at edinburgh I’ll pick a few things up, prices quite good, An email offering customers discount form Lovebrewing 🥲
  2. AlDaviz

    Places to Drink, or Where have you been drinking tonight !

    I've not noticed places that people recomend for a beer ! So as a starter i've had a few beers in the Salt Horse in edinburgh, they do burgers and theres around a dozen taps with different breweries beers. Also a bottleshop which also acted as a cafe where you could have a snack and try one of...
  3. AlDaviz

    Your next brew ?

    All Im just wondering what people are brewing ? I've a pilsner, stout, Hazy IPA, Red Ale that im brewing regularly and are tasting ok. Not sure what to try next
  4. AlDaviz

    Stuck in the Suez !

    I kept meaning to write this for a few days. But seeing the news a few days ago and again today, the size of the container ships and the amount of good coming from the east. Isn’t it time we started to produce more in the uk again. I remember when I started my apprenticeship in late 80’s the...
  5. AlDaviz

    Trackday Laps and Crashes

    Anyone into bikes 🏍 After 30 years of playing around trying to ride fast, falling off ! Mainly not injured. I added few videos to YouTube, some I find interesting. Not sure if anyone else will !
  6. AlDaviz

    Sugar for Imperial Stout

    Hi ALL I've made a Glenfarclas Whisky Imperial Stout a couple of times now, which has been really good. After seeing was it Steve's post a while ago are there any recommendations of types of sugars and amounts to add, I normally use a re-iterated mash and it comes out usually around 1.090 and...
  7. AlDaviz

    Brown Ale, Stout, Porter

    Due to what was available I ordered 5kg of brown malt ! Has anyone a good recipe using a high quantity of brown malt, I do like porters and stouts ?? Thanks
  8. AlDaviz


    Hi all After a motorcycle track event was cancelled I ended up in Barcelona for 6x day’s ! What could I do for 6x days ?? Wow what a craft beer scene, numerous bars with various taps. First day I arrived there was a craft beer festival acheers. Craft beer tour’s And after looking online found...
  9. AlDaviz

    Stalled fermentation

    Hi all I’ve made an all grain red ale with a Brewdog type hops elvis juice twist (same sort of hops and some orange and lemon peel) It started og 1.060and after 3 days down to 1.012 so I added the dry hops and the peel which I left in vodka to sterilise overnight !! Since adding the gravity...
  10. AlDaviz

    Storage of stout !!

    Hi All I’ve ordered the ingredients to make a stout, but is it best to store in a glass demijohn to age. Or bottle after fermentation ?? I was planning on ageing with oak soaked in Glenfarclas whiskey for a couple of weeks then transferring to a glass demijohn until November before bottling for...
  11. AlDaviz

    Tilt hydrometer Beerhawk sale

    seen this in sale, missus bought me one for Xmas and works good, if you sign up to newsletter they send you a code for xtra 10% Other items too
  12. AlDaviz

    Recommend a Stout recipe

    All, I’m thinking of brewing a stout next week or so can anyone recommend a stout recipe ??
  13. AlDaviz


    Anyone tried any of the brew’s with success ??
  14. AlDaviz


    Came home to explosion of fermentation !! Think I overfilled my fermenter, ran off 22.5L yesterday. I think I’m gonna need bigger or make a slightly smaller batch. Came home to bubbling mess as airlock was blocked, quickly filled a jug with starsan and water washed the tube and swapped over so...
  15. AlDaviz

    Brew Ferment fridge

    Hi all I was thinking of the idea of a side by side wine chiller heater, noticed some models are fridge one side 0-10 degrees and heater 15-25 degrees has anyone anything like this that you could fit a 25L fermenter inside ??
  16. AlDaviz

    where to buy ??

    Hi all What shops do find the best value for buying your hops and grain, I've used malt miller a few times because of the quick delivery but you need to buy quite a lot. Spend over £100 for free delivery. Thanks AL
  17. AlDaviz

    New Brewer

    Hi all, Jumped in at the deep end, with a grainfather. all seems to be going ok. done 4x brews upto now recipes from online to get me started. Don't know if there are many brewers in the fife area that can offer any helpful info or even swap brews and help with feedback ?? Thanks Alan