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  1. Benfleet Brewery

    Kveik Recipe

    None of mine ever cleared.
  2. Benfleet Brewery

    Going back to kits?

    I did quite a few kits when I first started brewing and made some very good beers. However, every single one had that home brew twang. I never made one that would pass as a commercial beer. Since moving to AG, that twang went and I’m now making some very good beers. About a year or so ago, I won...
  3. Benfleet Brewery

    A word on protofloc…

    FWIW I use half a tablet for a 23L batch and will carry on like that but only because I can easily break one almost exactly in half with my fingers, thirds might be a bit more tricky 😂 One thing that used to bother me is that they really stink when added to the boil. So much so that I thought...
  4. Benfleet Brewery

    First go at Wine kits - But I did make some alterations.

    Having had two attempts at making Rose wine from supermarket fruit juice as explained elsewhere on this forum, my Son bought me a Wine Buddy Cabernet Sauvignon kit for Father’s Day. However, as I prefer White wine to red, I went through the Amazon returns process to try to swap it. To cut a long...
  5. Benfleet Brewery

    Cheapest all grain recipe?

    Hmmmm, more like £2.50 a pack now I’m afraid 🙄
  6. Benfleet Brewery

    What did you brew today?

    Got a Sierra Nevada attempt on the go today. Blimey, I’d forgotten how good Cascade hops smell, and they haven’t even gone in yet 😋 🍻
  7. Benfleet Brewery

    New Fermenter Fridge - Currys

    As a general rule, if the fridge doesn’t have the “cage” on the back like the one below then it’s likely the cables run through the sides of it. Either way, if it is possible to use the drain hole, even if you have to drill it out a bit bigger, I’d use that.
  8. Benfleet Brewery

    PilgrimHudds Brewdays

    I used Clipper for the first time recently for a hazy pale ale dry hopped with 125g Cashmere. Not tried it yet but seemed promising out of the FV?
  9. Benfleet Brewery

    SMASH pseudo pilsner

    Don’t want to hijack the thread but what temp do you ferment at?
  10. Benfleet Brewery

    SMASH pseudo pilsner

    Yep, always leave for 2 weeks and even tried Gelatine. I do ferment it at 35-38 degrees though. That might have something to do with it.
  11. Benfleet Brewery

    Who does the cheapest P&P

    Exactly this.
  12. Benfleet Brewery

    SMASH pseudo pilsner

    I’ve heard you can make a PL using Voss but I’ve never had any of the beers I’ve made with Voss go fully clear so I wouldn’t use it for one personally. I have made a nice PL SMaSH using Extra pale malt malt and Galaxy with CML Cali Common yeast. It was kindly reviewed by @strange-steve here...
  13. Benfleet Brewery

    LAB Open Competition - (results are in)

    I’m away in the highlands at the moment with crap phone service so only just managed to see the results. Well pleased that my Summit pale ale got 3rd place in the American Pale Ales category. Well done to all THBF members who did well. Great to be able to see the people I’ve learned so much from...
  14. Benfleet Brewery

    LAB Open Competition - (results are in)

    If less than 1kg Royal Mail Special Delivery is £8.95, tracked all the way and guaranteed delivery before 1.00pm next day.
  15. Benfleet Brewery

    What Hop goes best with Summit

    I won 100g Summit in a HBF competition a few years ago and used them by loosely following the recipe below. It came out really nice and Summit is my most frequently used hop. I always have a keg of Summit pale ale either on tap or a keg waiting...
  16. Benfleet Brewery

    New CML yeasts announced!

    I always cold crash but have never got a beer made with Kveik Voss to fully clear.
  17. Benfleet Brewery

    New CML yeasts announced!

    I rarely use anything else now. I have only ever used dried yeast and the CML range is wide enough to cover the beers I make.
  18. Benfleet Brewery

    New CML yeasts announced!

    Sorry, yeast not trub. I’ve just looked back and seen the last time this happened was when I used Verdant IPA so, yes, likely they are the same strain.
  19. Benfleet Brewery

    Picture or Video of the day.

    Reminds me of an excellent quote from Simon Evans. My wife said to me “we’d have less arguments if you weren’t so pedantic”. I said “you mean fewer arguments”.