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  1. Accetturess


    Bought Misty Ricardo's book off amazon, it arrived 'tother day. Went to a local (lol) supermarket and got some really nice stainless steel serving bowls. Fortunately we thought ahead, and have tons of spices of all kinds. All systems go!
  2. Accetturess


    Cooked his chicken madras this evening and loved it. Thanks!
  3. Accetturess


    A Spurs supporter. I watched the game and it should have been a red. VAR is awful, trust Premier league to get it wrong. The way video is used in cricket, tennis and rugby is good, why has football got it so wrong?
  4. Accetturess

    Wood burners

    We have a Nordica Rosa L as our only heating. It is good because we can also cook on it and in it because of the large top and good sized oven. We do not tend to get the best quality wood to use because we have to wait for wife's brother to source our supply with his, and he leaves it late. I...
  5. Accetturess

    How to make Turbo Cider.

    My first brew of cider - of anything, actually - is now on the go! I am just doing a tester 5L to start with while I await delivery of my siphon kit, proper yeast and hydrometer. Interested to see what ( if anything) comes out.
  6. Accetturess

    The 'Recommend me a TV series' thread

    Agree with all that has been said re breaking bad and better call saul. Gomorrah is fantastic, but no good for learning italian since a lot of the language is a neapolitan dialect and it is shown on italy tv with subs. Nobody has mentioned The West Wing. Never been beaten, simply brilliant...
  7. Accetturess

    Show us your dog

    ^ This is Daisy now.
  8. Accetturess

    Show us your dog

    This is Daisy when she was a pup. She has just turned two.
  9. Accetturess


    Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani) - Cafe Delites Hope the link works. Nearest curry house to me is in Naples - 100 miles or so - so we have to make our own. I gave done this a couple of times now and love it, I marinate for 6 hours. There is a great site I...
  10. Accetturess

    New Forum Member Map - 12/5/18.

    Accettura, 75011 (MT) Basilicata Italia
  11. Accetturess

    Hello from southern Italy!

    I have ordered cider yeast and pectolase off of ebay. I should be able to get malic acid here. I need fermentation vessels and a hydrometer, which I am going to look for today. Nearest town is over an hour drive but it is a lovely drive across the mountains to get to the main road - I am lucky...
  12. Accetturess

    Hello from southern Italy!

    Ingredients for beer are scarce hereabouts but wine is a maybe - although the local plonk is very drinkable and costs 80p per litre!
  13. Accetturess

    Hello from southern Italy!

    Hello everyone, Born in London, lived in Nottingham for 30 years and now retired and loving life in a small village, perched atop a mountain in Basilicata, southern Italy. Cider is non existent here, and my wife is partial to a drop, so I am going to try to make my own. I have sent off for a few...
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