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  1. UKSkydiver

    Change one letter. (5 letter)

    Malts thumb
  2. UKSkydiver

    The Coronavirus thread.

    A bit of light reading about what EU and global countries are up to: Online version here PDF version here
  3. UKSkydiver

    Forum software updated. Info and questions here starting about pg 4

    THIS! This works for Chrome too - deleted cookies for this site using the instructions listed, close and reopen site, login. Pow! Thanks @BeerCat
  4. UKSkydiver

    Forum software updated. Info and questions here starting about pg 4

    As a 30 year+ IT professional, I'm embarrassed to say, I can't find this extension. I see many cookie related extensions, but none that specifically concern 'clear' or 'forum'. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Ps. Mobile seems ok
  5. UKSkydiver

    Forum software updated. Info and questions here starting about pg 4

    Tried multiple times to login with Chrome (my default browser) and it does not let me login. I tried with IE and Edge and both worked first time, but I don't tend to use IE or Edge. I do like the boxier fonts / apprearance I also don't much like the olive green scheme
  6. UKSkydiver

    The Coronavirus thread.

    Sorry to pick on your post specifically..... but it sounds like you're expecting everywhere to be closed..... We are not on total lockdown; those that are not displaying symptoms should go about their normal business where possible, avoiding large congregations of people. Clearly, I don't...
  7. UKSkydiver

    Show us your cat(s)

    Similar to a sphynx. He’s a Russian Donskoy. Yes, he’s an indoor cat; except at certain times, it’s either too cold or too hot (sunny) to be left out. We do let him out in the garden at times. Bizarrely, even though he could easily jump, climb or otherwise escape, he doesn’t. I suspect because...
  8. UKSkydiver

    Show us your cat(s)

    This is Pudding, aka Pud Pud, coz he looks like a blancmange. Likes cheese, broccoli, mushroom, cheese, butternut squash, cheese, cucumber and cheese. Did I mention he likes cheese? A friendly, inquisitive and intelligent breed.
  9. UKSkydiver

    You brewin supported? or, a brewing Ninja?

    I have a great and supportive other half... as long as I don't get too engrossed and forget about her. Simple rules for the kitchen: leave it in the same condition you found it. Luckily, she wants to move the washing machine to the garage, so I said, if we're putting in a water feed and...
  10. UKSkydiver

    UKSkydiver's Brewdays

    I only bottled 2 days ago, so that's 3 weeks and 2 days in the FV. All the eggy smells had gone and it has cleared really nicely. My numbers were a bit down - probably down to BIAB and process and lack of experience. OG 1044 - FG 1014, giving ~ 4% I'm actually really looking forward to trying...
  11. UKSkydiver

    UKSkydiver's Brewdays

    AG#2 Scottish Export Ale - Update Thought I'd share my experiences on this one. Originally re-hydrated and pitched CML Beoir at 18c and put it in a cupboard. After 3 days, no sign of any bubbling or krausen so I cracked the lid and had a sniff. Smelled like rotten eggs. Bit of googling...
  12. UKSkydiver

    Bottle sanitation in advance

    I'm pretty new and the guy in the shop sold me this sodium percarbonate based product as a no rinse sanitiser: When I then started doing more reading, I see people tend to use Star San or Chem San which has a longer 'life' once diluted. I've done four brews using Sure San, sterilising tubes...
  13. UKSkydiver

    Self isolating.

    I'm an IT geek and pretty much WFH anyway. Our (large IT) company have banned all travel to China, South Korea and specified areas of Italy, non-essential international travel and non-essential national business travel is minimised and subject to approval by our line manager. Plus what...
  14. UKSkydiver

    Top things to improve brews

    I took you up on your recommendation and have been reading through this tome. It's more like a chemistry text book. And further - it had the answers in there all along - which I summarise: The Top Five Priorities for Brewing Great Beer 1. Sanitation 2. Fermentation Temp Control 3. Yeast...
  15. UKSkydiver

    Weights for hop bag

    I did exactly this at the weekend (without any thought) for boil hops. If it's good enough for @terrym , it's bloody well good enough for me.
  16. UKSkydiver

    What did you brew today?

    9.5 litres of 4.5% Scottish Export
  17. UKSkydiver

    UKSkydiver's Brewdays

    And 5:20 hrs later 9.5 litres of 1.044 wort in FV. Time for a beer whilst I clear up.
  18. UKSkydiver

    UKSkydiver's Brewdays

    AG#2 Scottish Export Ale Recipe from James Morton - Brew OG 1.045 FG 1.010 ABV 4.7% 25IBU 36EBC Scaled down for 9 litres in to fermenter MO 1.64 kg / 84.2% Special B 103g / 5.3% Pale Crystal 103g / 5.3% Amber malt 51g / 2.6% Choc malt 51g / 2.6% 12 litres strike to 74 deg Mash for 60 mins @...
  19. UKSkydiver

    UKSkydiver's Brewdays

    AG#2 Scottish Export Ale Brew Day started
  20. UKSkydiver

    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    Tried this. Had it down as citrus nose, but not too hoppy. Refreshing. Summer drink.
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