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  1. Tommo 2

    Over night chilling

    When doing an over night chill does it have to be in the dark, my question is can beer get skunked if left somewhere light to chill in my case the conservatory which is cooler than where I brew the beer under the stairs , or better to leave it where I brew until pitching temperature is reached...
  2. Tommo 2

    Naked golden oats

    i am brewing an hazy Neipa with some golden naked oats added, do they have to be crushed first ? Have never used them before and from what I’ve read about them from different sources on the internet, some say to crush others not to crush , would appreciate some of your guys and gals thoughts on...
  3. Tommo 2

    Is my beer ok

    Hi all just done a ghost ship clone on Sunday , all grain 9litres put a whole pack of US05 on it and stired it in, the starting gravity was 1.045 and on Monday the air lock was popping away nicely, by the way the fermenter is only a fifteen litre one , but tonight no bubbles at all and no...
  4. Tommo 2

    Worcester hop shop

    Has anyone had any dealings with the Worcester hop shop and if so what was your impression; the prices of grain and hops seem really reasonable but Dilivery charge is £8.50 for anything over 3k, any help much appreciated 🍻👍
  5. Tommo 2

    How much yeast ?

    Hi all, just a quick one, if halving a 23 litre brew all grain recipe do you still use a full pack of yeast to brew it , or just half that as well .cheers
  6. Tommo 2

    Youngs APA.

    Hi guys just a quick one , after seeing some great reviews on this brew thought I would give it a go, so I made the kit up last night, put the yeast on about nine o'clock and this morning it's trying to crawl out of the fermenter 😂😂 all good, but when l saw the bag of priming Suger I weighed it...
  7. Tommo 2

    Goose island ipa

    Hi guys I am new on this forum, just wondered if anyone could help formulate a partial mash recipe for goose island IPA. Had my first taste of the beer last Saturday and it was gorgous but at £5.30 a pint it needs to be, so decided to brew a 5 gallon batch myself only I am having problems...