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  1. Druncan

    In the brewery I'll now be mainly listening to;

    I have just discovered music streaming and managed to buy one of these; LEMEGA IR4S Stereo WIFI Internet Radio,Portable DAB/DAB+/FM Digital Radio,Spotify Connect,Bluetooth Speaker,Dual Alarms Clock,60 Presets,Headphone-Output,Batteries or Mains Powered - Grey: Electronics & Photo...
  2. Druncan

    Mixing (CML Hell, Brewferm) lager yeasts?

    I am experimenting brewing lager for the first time. Same Muntons 2kg Extra light HLME + 1.6kg Dex. Used a) 2 packs Brewferm Lager yeast the other b) 2 packs CML Hell. Both nice slow fermentation @ 8-10*C for 2 weeks then 1 week 22*c. both 1.050-1.010/12 Now conditioning. a) has lovely fruit...
  3. Druncan

    Hop Storage - Yakima says;

    I found this trundling through a CresentCity brewtalk site and thought it might be worth sharing as it links back to Hazy and Hoppy (brilliant resource...
  4. Druncan

    DIY cheapest Yoghurt?

    Anyone else enjoy making your own yoggs? I bought a second hand yog maker to incubate contamination agars for £10. But I just can't resist making my own cultures. Usually start with 1 litre UHT semi skimmed (warm to 25*C) sanitize everything. AddY eo blend from the bottom of tubs and add fage...
  5. Druncan

    Introducing oxygen to FV help?

    Anyone using a carbstone and bottled oxygen for their unitank FVs? What DO rates would you work to - 6-8%? How do you measure this DO meter or flow measurement?:confused.: or blast it for 15mins?ashock1 I'm aware of flammability and grease issues,,,,:eek:
  6. Druncan

    Halcyon Malt?

    I'm clearing out the store cupboard,,, Initially got this to make a Durham Magus ages ago but never did it,,,, So building a 23l ESB,, :confused.: 2.1kg Halcyon with 2.1kg Golden Promise, 200g Wheat, 200g Porridge, and 200g black malt. Using 45g (old leaf) Challenger and 15g First Gold T90's @...
  7. Druncan

    UK NEIPA + nice detailed recipes! - Pellicle Mag

    Canny article in 'Pellicle mag' lots of interesting stuff and beer food wine. What's not to like? athumb.. acheers.clapa
  8. Druncan

    Re-using T-90 dry hops? Just wondered if anyone does this. Often been shocked at the amount of aroma in my used dry-hop T90's. Maybe time for an experiment!:tinhat:
  9. Druncan

    Techlifer 240v SS food grade mag pump inc pp £47 What's the catch,,,, :rolleyes:
  10. Druncan

    Hop rocket T90 dry hopping to the keg?

    I'm looking at removing my T90 dry hopping in muslin bags from the FV stage. I only seem to get decent flavour when I wring the heck out of them. So I have just got an Angel hop rocket. I intend to add 25g/30l T90's in a muslin bag with rice hulls in the rocket then CO2 purge and with pump...
  11. Druncan

    New integrated keg dispense system! Interesting but I bet it's expensive,,,,,:rolleyes:
  12. Druncan

    Back and brewing again in the new world.

    Hi all, Back in a better brewing frame of mind. Been quiet dealing with other health issues. Now completing my 30m2 BIAB brewery. Oh yeah, got married in Feb so life is very good.athumb.. I have been brewing and lurking, but this is the first time I feel ready to get back and visible.:hat:
  13. Druncan

    Pickled Rhubarb

    Just done loads of this, but used sushi ginger. It's the Mutts athumb.. Pink pickled rhubarb with ginger Just in moderation though, and not at all if you suffer with kidney stones, due to the high oxelate levels,,,
  14. Druncan

    Lock down HMRC Home brewers! This will not please all those shut breweries,,,, :eek:
  15. Druncan

    Fantasy Brewhouse Premier League?

    Ok so take your time, don't rush the build. Nurture, select and reject. It should be gradually built by the best Lockdown Brewers in the world with time on their hands,,,, aheadbutt ,,,, :tongue:,,, o_O If you could create a fantasy development how big, what infrastructure and shiny bits would...
  16. Druncan

    New cornie supplier?

    Keg Kits & Taps Got this VIA FB, not tried but for info!!!
  17. Druncan

    Hello again,,,

    Phew, re-instated again, glad to be back on here, looks nice. What have I missed? No I wasn't barred,,, :tongue:
  18. Druncan

    You brewin supported? or, a brewing Ninja?

    We are in a total fookin building upheaval, and I sit with 3 FV's bubbling in my Sitting room. My partner just accepts this as a 'needs to be done' scenario,,,I just thought FFS,,, I am so lucky to be able to go through this upheaval and not get slapped as much as I should be. Lets hear it...
  19. Druncan

    Post Brexit food standards,,,

    This sounds ominous. DEFRA's self protecting food markets,,,, Is it me or is this an opportunity for cheap lower standard imported foods flooding the UK and GM barley etc,,,
  20. Druncan

    Beaverdale PG 23l - Best Price?

    I fancy doing some kit wine for the festive season. Thinking of Beaverdale 23l Pinot Grigio. My best price is £38.95 + post from Brew2bottle Anyone know of any better online deals?:?: Cheersacheers.