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  1. Theoriginalrich

    Nukatap versatility.

    I’m getting corny keg sodastream set up from BKT. I’m going spurge and get the nukatap option but I’ve got a question many on here will be able to answer. Can I change the keg mounted fitting to a shank when the inevitable happens and another keg appears and the brew fridge becomes a kegerator...
  2. Theoriginalrich

    Just another Corny beginner thread.

    Following my ‘Vevor Growler’ thread I’m looking at getting my first Corny keg. The only problem is due to space I’m going to have to share my fermentation fridge with the Corny. Has easy would this be IRL? And will the temp changes spoil the beer inside the keg? I haven’t found a ‘guide’...
  3. Theoriginalrich

    Vevor growler

    Hi all. I was wondering if any of you had or have had one of these. With fathers Day creeping in I’m getting asked by her indoors if there’s anything I need/want and I can’t say what I really want - too much money - but I say these and had a light bulb moment. But if they’re not so good I’d...
  4. Theoriginalrich

    CML Timothy Taylor.

    Hi everyone. After already brewed this kit from the very excellent CML, I decided to give it another go. I foolishly bought a bottle of Landlord to compare against my previous attempt. Both served at garage temperature, bottle was lighter in colour and quite heavily carbonated compared against...
  5. Theoriginalrich

    Bottling Question.

    Just a quick question but first some background. I have a Harlequin NEIPA in my fermenter and the colour is frankly amazing, hopefully it tastes as good as it looks. I haven’t got cornies so I’m bottling up. So here’s the question. Has any one bottled straight from a syphon with a bottling...
  6. Theoriginalrich

    3 C’s ratio help.

    Hi everyone and HNY. Due to time constraints I’m pimping two Wilko cans and 500g of light DME. I was going to dry hop 100g each of Citra and Mosiac, I’ve done this a few times and generally comes out quite well. But I’ve got some Cascade and Centennial in stock and am thinking of a 3C IPA...
  7. Theoriginalrich

    Fermzilla 30L allrounder

    I’m thinking of getting an allrounder. I fancy the idea of seeing what’s happening when fermentation is going, I’m not ready for fermentation under pressure yet but at least I’ll be half way there when I decide to start. Has anyone got any experience with these? It would be great to find out if...
  8. Theoriginalrich


    This evening I opened my FV to take a gravity reading and found this. This is my CML landlord recipe brewed two weeks ago. OG was 1.052. Tonight’s reading was 1.010 so I guess it’s finished. Over the past two weeks I’ve left it to do its job and haven’t peeked inside. To me it doesn’t look too...
  9. Theoriginalrich

    CML Midland

    I brewed CML’s landlord clone on Sunday and everything went smooth. OG was higher than expected, 1.052 in stead of 1.043. But apart from that no problems. I pitched the Midland yeast at 23c, but this morning there was still no activity. Is this yeast a slow starter or should I be a little worried.
  10. Theoriginalrich

    T.O.R’s Brewday

    Today was the day I popped my BZ cherry. ‘Er indoors took the boy to football which helped me start early. Strike water heated while breakfast was taken, Golden Promise was mashed in. At that point I realised I needed more water so I added 1.5l to the sparge and hoped it would be enough (should...
  11. Theoriginalrich

    Idiotic Brewzilla question alert!!!!!!

    How do you clean a Brewzilla? I received my Brewzilla a couple of weeks ago but have only just got round to playing with it. I did a trial run with water yesterday and am hoping to find the time this weekend for the maiden brew. So I need to clean it properly. I have some oxy cleaner and...
  12. Theoriginalrich

    Preferred malts.

    Whilst looking online at different grain malts I found there are lots of company’s producing the same malt, e.g. Crisp, Simpson’s and Warminster all producing Maris Otter. So are some companies better than others? Do any of you stay with a ‘brand’ or just go with the best deal at the time?
  13. Theoriginalrich

    Citra, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin.

    I’m going to another can pimp and I’m hoping to use 100g of Citra and Mosaic with 50g Nelson Sauvin in a two stage dry hop. Having never used NS I’m wandering about the amount and hoping for a little advice. Cheers.
  14. Theoriginalrich

    Easy ginger beer

    I’m thinking about doing a ginger beer for the missus and her dad. I don’t really want to do lots just enough to keep them happy. I might be going daft but I seem to remember reading someone reused the wort they brewed straight after racking off. Is this right? Can it be done?
  15. Theoriginalrich

    Brew fridge mistake.

    Hi all. I’ve had a massive brain fart while brewing a new world saison. I’ve got a larder fridge as a brew fridge, my first brew is the NWS but a foolishly had the fridge and heater plugs in the wrong sockets on my inkbird. I went to work this morning and the fridge was at 26c, I pumped the...
  16. Theoriginalrich

    Yeast on lid after Krausen.

    What does everyone do to the yeast that gets left on the lid during Krausen? In the past I’ve scooped it off the lid with a clean utensil and put it back in the wort. I’ve also just left it. Is there a right thing to do?
  17. Theoriginalrich

    Hop pellets V’s leaves

    So I bought 100g Citra and Mosaic leaves thinking I was getting pellets. Threw them in to dry hop, no tea (probably wrong) then thought what’s the difference? Being new to this and not reading too much about hop types. This is my first real experiment and now m wondering what are the benefits...
  18. Theoriginalrich

    Pressure barrel noob.

    After getting a king Keg for Christmas I’ve finally got round to using it. I’ve followed Hazelwood’s advice and used PTFE tape on threads, cable tied the co2 inlet band and changed to a brown outlet band. I’ve not over tightened the valve nut and tightened the top with a keg wrench/spanner. My...
  19. Theoriginalrich

    Length of dry hopping

    First off I consider myself a lockdown brewer, meaning I’ve started brewing since first lockdown. Up to now I’ve tried to follow all instructions to the letter, yeah I might of added extra hops to some brews but I’ve never really been able to catch the full hop flavour I’m after and I’ve added...