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  1. dave_77

    March Competition- Freestyle

    Hi It's freestyle month Looking forward to trying a varied selection of beers. I will have to think how I will group the beers together once I see the selection. Looking at the calender I think I will judge the beers on Friday 1st- Saturday 2nd April so get the beers in early as I will be...
  2. dave_77

    Brew Off- Black Friday 2021

    Brew Off Black Friday is the final chapter of 2021 of what has turned out to be a quarterly brew off between @dan125 @Leon103 @Hoddy and myself. This brew off we have decided that it could be any style of porter or stout, which by chance happened to fit nicely with it being Black Friday...
  3. dave_77

    August 2021 - British Pale Ales, Bitters and Milds

    Hi all This is my first time judging so I'm really looking forward to trying everyone's beers. I'm planning on judging on the weekend of 3rd -5th September and sharing the responsibility with @dan125. If your new to the competitions there is a thread with the new competition rules. PM me...
  4. dave_77

    Brew Off 2021 -DIPA

    Ok @dan125 @Hoddy @Leon103 it looks as though round 2 of the Brew Off has got a little more interesting with the 4 beers being judged independently by @beerison for some extra bragging rights. I think I'm right in saying that @beerison did some judging for the Verdant comp so we thought he...
  5. dave_77

    If you could only brew 5 styles?

    I was thinking earlier today about which 5 styles of beer I like brewing and drinking the most. If you could only brew 5 different styles for the next 5 years what would they be? My 5 are; 1. Belgian Pale 2. American Amber 3.Belgian IPA 4.American Brown 5.Saison
  6. dave_77

    Attenuation Vs pitch rate or other thoughts?

    Hi all, I have a sort of issue with attenuation levels, only really an issue from a numbers point of view as the beer taste fine(in my mind anyway) and therefore it's just bugging me and it's not helpful for some beer styles. Any thoughts or tips would be most appreciated. I would say this year...
  7. dave_77

    Keg post question

    Hi , I recently got a couple of reconditioned Kegs. The posts have 2 x O rings on them, is this normal. Most of the videos and information I can find only seemed to have 1. Are their different types or have I been given a spare that I need to take off?
  8. dave_77

    Hi from Kent

    Evening all, having a couple beers so I thought I would join. Been brewing 3 years this Christmas. Started with a 1 gallon all grain IPA kit for Christmas. I have been addicted since the first brew. Been doing 12l BIAB on the hob for the last couple of years. I got fed up of the Mrs moaning...