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  1. The magistrate

    Brewday part 2

    As it says on the tin
  2. The magistrate

    "You ought to be in pictures......"

    Someone asked for photos of one of my brewdays; I can't imagine why! However, happy to oblige.... In two parts due to only being able to post 10 images at a time.
  3. The magistrate

    Wishin' and Hoppin'....

    A heading for all the Burt Bacharach fans out there. At some point, perhaps early next year now, I would like to buy some 5 kg pockets of whole hops. Brew shops, either brick or ether, require one pays silly money in my view. I propose the following varieties; Challenger, Bramling X, Goldings...
  4. The magistrate

    Modern mild - am I really the only brewer who makes it?

    OK the thread title is a bit of a hook! In fact the disappearance of modern milds began with the commercial breweries when they decided to partygyle them from their light ales or bitters. Even in what was one of the last remaining dark mild strongholds, the west Midlands, Batham's does not...
  5. The magistrate

    Greetings from mid Wales

    Hello. My user handle is the name I gave to one of my recipes. I have been a mashing home brewer since 1978 and for the last 20 years or so have been brewing entirely from my own recipes. With my 14 gall boiler I am able to put two x 10 galls through the system in one day, and in high summer...