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    Dry Hopping

    I have the same issue, dark beers turn out great, hoppy ones just dont have much hop flavour aroma. No bag for my next dry hop.
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    Hop bags

    Hi Mike, Have a look at the hop bags from Crossmyloof, its what the are designed for and pretty cheap. to clean i just boil in some water after use and dry on a radiator. Boil again prior to use to sterilise.
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    Help with solar charger and pump

    Hi John, You are going to drain your water butt fairly quickly if you are trying to cool your wort. I imagine you want to be eco friendly when brewing which is a good thing. You are giving yourself a technical task and the benefits are not that clear. To reduce your impact on water usage and...
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    Old Urn Rewiring Help

    Sorry Leecee, you would need to start again with a new thermostat, element and over temp snap disc. Getting the new element would be the hard part. By the time you had resolved the issues you are going to run into you would be better with a Burco boiler from Gumtree, something less than 40 years...
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    Another bloomin keg thread

    Hi Harbey, I have been kegging for a few months. once carbonated you can remove the gas / regulator if required. You will probably have to reattach the gas after you have dispensed some beer. After may be 4 pints you will notice the beer flow will slow down. Also remember that the gas pressure...
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    All in one vessel.

    It costs me about 35p a pint. Can be cheaper. The Robobrew is easy to use once you have done a couple of brews.
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    Hello from just north of Glasgow

    Hi Weagoodall, To start I would go for a kit, either standard kit or steeped grains and extract. Then move on to a grain kit. Jumping in at all grain is going to be a head ache. Before you all grain consider attending something like Innis and Gun Brew school in Glasgow's west end. Its a 4 hour...
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    Did someone say our 'Giveaways' are back?

    Yes pls. Sounds good.
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    First AG brew recipe review

    Hi Neil, Looks pretty organised for a first AG brew. What software are you using? Also have a Brewzilla, would be good to know how this turns out.
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    Robobrew stuck sparge

    Thanks Quick. Thinking about this option too.
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    Robobrew stuck sparge

    Thanks all, I have noticed some flour in the malt, I have ordered rice hulls. I may have been over stirring the mash and turning it gloopy. I will watch out for this. Slow start to the re-circulation noted. Larger strike water volume. Will be a few weeks until I will be brewing but I'll post...
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    Robobrew stuck sparge

    Thanks Cheesy and Steve, I'll look in to both.
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    Robobrew stuck sparge

    Hi All, Hoping for some advice from a long term Robobrewer. Are you using the wire mesh in the bottom of the malt pipe? I am finding that my sparges are getting stuck, no flow through the malt. The only way to get it moving is to repeatedly twist a paddle at the bottom of the pipe on the top of...
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    Scotland trip itinerary assist, please

    Hi Steven, If you are staying just outside Glasgow and have some spare time there are a few good beer pubs you might want to consider. Two listed but there are others of course. Glasgow West End - Innis and Gunn Brewery and Taproom. G12 8SJ Glasgow City Center - Shilling Brewing Company and...
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    Hi from Cumbernauld

    Hi Chris, Just one brew so far, enjoying the Brewzilla, happy so far after one brew. Agree that seeing the volume levels isn't easy. You have a few interesting brews under your belt. I have grain kits for two black IPAs a porter and a DIPA. Hope to get two of these brewed before xmas. Cheers
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    * November Give Away * It's Fruity!

    Yip sounds good. Review no problem.
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    Hi from Cumbernauld

    Hi Chris, I am just down the road in Glasgow and have just bought a Brewzilla / Robobrew. What have you made with it? cheers Stewart
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    Robobrew pump blocked

    Hi All, Did my first Brewzilla /Robobrew brew on Sunday and my pump worked fine until I tried to transfer the cooled wort. I've not had time to open it up to investigate, I suspect some grain got down past the screens. As advised on the Kegland website I am going to try a reverse flush with a...
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    Hello from Glasgow

    Hi Ghillie, will do I have used them for yeast before. cheers
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    Sounds great. Inkbird ITC-308 WIFI Version Temperature Controller Plz