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  1. Zephyr259

    Reiterated Mash Imperial Stout

    Finally got back brewing after my partigyle in October, another non-standard one with a reiterated mash. 5.3 kg pale malt 400g roasted rye 400g chocolate malt 300g medium crystal 300g Simpsons DRC 500g "Black Invert" Split this in half, first mash at 67c for a hour then sparged up to pre-boil...
  2. Zephyr259

    Advice on an over-carbonated batch

    I've started drinking the smaller beer from my recent partigyle and it's really over carbonated, was aiming for 2 vol and it's at the point of gushing if not poured swiftly, I only use refractometer readings so it's not the best to see if the beer has attenuated more but the fg was 5.8 at...
  3. Zephyr259

    Imperial Stout Recipe Check

    Hi Folks, brewing an imperial stout next week and I'm looking for some thoughts on the recipe. It started off as the Black is Beautiful recipe but with some subs for malts I already have, then simplified a touch and scaled up to 1.100 OG, but it's a lot of roast malt and don't want to make...
  4. Zephyr259

    Do imperial stouts always ferment like crazy?

    I often see photos of imperial stouts with the krausen bursting out of the fermenter and it's making me reconsider my next brew's logistics. I was intending on brewing a small 10L batch as that will give me around 30 bottles of a stout which will hopefully be around 10%. However, I ferment my...
  5. Zephyr259

    Base Imperial Stout and Hopping for adding Cherries

    My wife has requested a cherry imperial stout, I've been wanting to brew a big stout for a while anyway. Most of these have a big bitterness to balance out the alcohol but I think that might clash with the fruit. I'm not really wanting to go all in on the "pastry stout" idea so don't want...
  6. Zephyr259

    Partigyle Brewday

    TL;DR - I made a batch of Maibock and Best Bitter from a partigyle where I blended the worts pre-boil, conversion efficiency sucked probably because I didn't stir the mash but I got what seems to be two good beers anyway. I finally got up the nerve to do a partigyle after years of considering...
  7. Zephyr259

    What to brew to use up these hops?

    I've got maybe 2 brews left before I take a break over the summer and figure it's best to use up my open packs of hops rather than open some of the new ones. I currently have 25g each of Galaxy, Glacier and Columbus and 125g of Styrian Goldings. I've also got some Admiral for bittering but I...
  8. Zephyr259

    Hopping for a yeast comparison

    After a few successful split batches where I've used a British yeast and a Belgian yeast I now want to compare Wyeast 1469 and 1728 so West Yorkshire vs Scottish. I came across a tasty sounding Scottish 60/- recipe on the beer and brewing site which is a malty 3.5% ale so should be a fairly good...
  9. Zephyr259

    Whitbread's London Porter (Durden Park)

    Thought I'd start a fresh thread for this brew since my brew day thread was never very active and I haven't been using it in over 6 months. This beer is one that is listed on the DP website, I'm using Crisp chocolate malt instead of black as I just did a big cull on all my old grains and cut...
  10. Zephyr259

    December Competition - British Pale Ales, Bitters and Milds

    Hi Folks, that's December upon us and it's me judging this month's competition. Time for some nice down to earth British beers to balance out all the crazy Christmas brews which are going on. I'm going to be brewing my own bitter on Tuesday but guess I can't enter it... PM me for an address if...
  11. Zephyr259

    Do you find it worth using lager yeast

    I don't really brew lagers, I did a bock and a helles then stopped as the starters were too much hassle in a 2L flask but I've just been told where I can get a 3l and 5L flask for £20 which is half the price of either flask I've seen before. My plan had been to try out Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale...
  12. Zephyr259

    How much Bramling Cross in a Bittter, or old First Gold

    I'm in the mood for another brew of my bitter and was going to up the hops inline with @foxbat fuggleduck (is mainline bitter the same base recipe?). Plan was to go with First Gold and Fuggles like Foxbat since I like these hops and my previous bitters were made with first gold. Unfortunately...
  13. Zephyr259

    Thoughts on a "Kveik Dark Strong Ale"

    This started off as based on Drew Beecham's Saison d'Hiver Infernale (a 1.130 dark saison) which I simplified a bit then futzed with even more so it's now essentially my own recipe. Thinking of using Saure kveik because my wife doesn't like the flavour from belgian yeasts and Saure did a good...
  14. Zephyr259

    Recipe for a Raw Stout

    I've been asked to brew a low abv stout for a change and with the heat I'm having some experiments with no-boil beers. I was thinking a dry stout like Greg Hughes, then I remembered the Fisherman Stout. Anyone got experience with raw stout and or either of these recipes (I know the Fisherman...
  15. Zephyr259

    Hops for an "American" Wheat Beer

    Hi Folks, I'm thinking it's time for a wheat beer to finish of my batch of wheat malt but the couple of weizens I've made over the past 6 months have been disappointing and I suspect I liked them so much when I was getting into beer because they have essentially no perceivable bitterness. So...
  16. Zephyr259

    Blow-off Tube Rite of Passage

    Yeah, 3 brews in with the new fermenter and blow-off tube and I've done the inevitable. Cold crashed the beer and it's sucked in all the starsan from the blow-off jar, probably 400 ml or so in 15.5l, I've read about this happened a lot and the starsan itself is safe so I'll probably bottle it...
  17. Zephyr259

    How long do you keep hops?

    Just curious, I keep my hops in a freezer compartment of my yeast mini-fridge. How long do folks keep opened bags of hops for? I've got some Saaz which i realise was bought last July and opened in December, I'm not as worried about alpha acids but more about how much flavour/aroma they could...
  18. Zephyr259

    Signature Length

    Has something changed with the signature? I updated mine and it wouldn't save as an error message came up saying my signature was 5 lines too long, but I'd only added 1 or 2. Had to cut it back to save. Not an issue, just curious. Thanks
  19. Zephyr259

    I've been challenged to clone Orkney Corncrake

    A friend of mine got a Young's AIPA kit for Christmas with no kit so I loaned him an FV and we mixed it up, turned out pretty well and I got a message yesterday saying he'd found a recipe for Orkney Raven Ale but it didn't make sense, it was an AG recipe on the Jim's beer kit forum. I asked why...
  20. Zephyr259

    Crossmyloof emails are oddly personal

    I've bought some hops from CML and the emails I get from them are oddly personal but strike me that there a standardised response with my name and town added. Presume everyone gets these emails, it's nice but slightly unnerving for some reason. Wasn't sure where to post this, hope it's ok here.