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  1. phettebs

    Hard Yeast

    The only time I saw that was when I got a large packet of it from a commercial brewer. I believe it was well past its prime. I couldn't get it to ferment at all. But yes, it was like a brick.
  2. phettebs

    Conditioning question.

    When I did it, the priming solution went into the bottling bucket first. I'd then rack the beer onto the solution with an auto-siphon and hose which would start the mixing process. I'd then very gently stir the whole lot before switching to the bottle filler. I had very consistent results with...
  3. phettebs

    Another keg question regarding co2

    Sometimes I have more kegs than I do faucets so I disconnect and reconnect all the time. I too, have lost CO2 to small leaks, usually in the keg hardware.
  4. phettebs

    Hot Alcohol Taste - Bottle or Leave

    Hot alcohol taste usually comes from fusel alcohols created as a result of higher fermentation temps. At what temp did you ferment? What was the OG? Bell's Two Hearted is around 7.2% so there are definitely more fermentables in there and that with warmer temps could cause those fusels. You can't...
  5. phettebs

    Belgian candy syrup - water used

    I would look at it this way: if you buy candi syrup it wasn't made using the same water you will brew with and that's OK. I wouldn't see any concern with you not using that same water either. Thanks for sharing the link. I've never made candi sugar and this has inspired me to do so on my next...
  6. phettebs

    Is my beer ok

    You can always take a gravity reading to see but I have one FV that just stopped bubbling after a few days even though I know it's not complete. I don't think the airlock has a great seal and it's venting CO2 around it rather than through it. I usually just leave my FVs alone for 2 weeks and...
  7. phettebs

    Conditioning question.

    The only time I secondary is if I'm aging a big beer or if I need to do something crazy like add fruit or oak etc. Most times now, I shove the FV (after primary is complete) into the fridge for 2 weeks to settle out and then it's straight to the keg. I don't really bother with secondary much...
  8. phettebs

    Mead Fermented Out At 19.5% Using Lalvin 71b-1122?

    That's why I always stuck with dry meads. I had a buddy who made one so sweet it was like drinking honey water. He ended up having to blend it with a dry mead just to make it drinkable.
  9. phettebs

    A question about dispensing Weissbier from a corny keg

    Hi have a kegged weissbier on tap now. Eventually they always turn into "krystal weissbier" for me and I'm OK with that.
  10. phettebs

    Keezer, in through the hump?

    +1 for building a collar. It is super easy and it takes all the concern of hitting lines out of the equation.
  11. phettebs

    Is there a limit to how long a secondary fermentation can run?

    I have had strong beers (10%) in secondary for a year with no problems.
  12. phettebs

    Conditioning question.

    I typically only secondary my beers if they are big beers that need some aging. If yours is ready to go, just do as you mentioned and rack it into bottles with priming sugar. I keg my beers now but when I bottled, I'd rack from the FV into a large bottling bucket with the sugar solution already...
  13. phettebs

    Mead Fermented Out At 19.5% Using Lalvin 71b-1122?

    I don't remember which yeast I used without consulting my notes but the last mead I made finished up at 16% and was the best one I've made so far.
  14. phettebs

    Overbuilding yeast and yeast count

    Sorry, I did misunderstand. I would think without a microscope and a proper count, it's just a guess?
  15. phettebs

    Overbuilding yeast and yeast count

    I just use Mr. Malty's yeast calculator and plug in the numbers.
  16. phettebs

    Carbonating / priming Ale in a corny keg for a Beer engine.

    It's probably in the archives here somewhere but when I set out to do that a decade ago, I was instructed that polypins were the way to go. I primed them with sugar before filling and let them naturally carbonate. I didn't need to keep CO2 on them because they'd just collapse in on themselves...
  17. phettebs

    DAP - Yeast nutrient

    The only time I've used DAP is with mead.
  18. phettebs

    Base grain for most brews?

    I would actually. MO has way more character than the rather bland US pale malt. I've brewed my APA and IPA with MO and it's a completely different beer than when I use US 2-row. It just has a richer character to it than US base malt, in my opinion. Honestly. I feel like I'm wasting it when I use...
  19. phettebs


    I use it in my double IPA and it's nice.
  20. phettebs

    Base grain for most brews?

    If I'm going to be brewing a bunch of English beers, I buy a sack of Maris Otter. If I'm brewing American beers, I tend to buy US 2-row or pale malt. For any Belgian beers, I buy Belgian pilsner malt. I rarely brew American lagers but when I do, I will use American 6-row as the base malt and go...