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  1. Roddy J

    Brewdog flouted US laws over beer imports

    Perhaps chlorinated chicken flavouring?
  2. Roddy J

    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Red Rebellion sounds right up my sràid. Cheers
  3. Roddy J

    2x Cornelius Keg Raffle - ENDED

    7350. There were 11 left after I bought in 🙂👍🏻
  4. Roddy J

    First BIAB

    I wish I had found this chat before I did my first BIAB yesterday. All in all it took quite a few hours and I've learnt more from it. I had remembered reading about having a combination microwave grill tray so I had that placed over the Peco boiler element in case I needed to put it on during...
  5. Roddy J

    New Limited Edition Kit Giveaway! From Love Brewing!!!

    Count me in please. I'd opt for American Goose. Thanks.
  6. Roddy J

    Prize Competition | Grainfather raffle | WON TO @SKELLO

    Well done @Skello 👍🏼
  7. Roddy J

    Prize Competition | Grainfather raffle | WON TO @SKELLO

    My 50th just past.....😬
  8. Roddy J

    Prize Competition | Grainfather raffle | WON TO @SKELLO

    5027 What an awesome raffle!
  9. Roddy J

    Covid Passports

    When the vulnerable are vaccinated then let's open up. I'm sure the science was we needed 80% of the population vaccinated to protect the rest so we're well on the way to this. Was that not the point of lockdown to delay the spread and protect the vulnerable and the NHS. It should be no...
  10. Roddy J

    Hydrometer reading (with pics)

    Yeah I used to attempt that but the bubbles/froth quickly enveloped it. I'd seen someone post they use a turkey baster to draw off the wort for testing so that's what I've been doing. I think filling to the top and letting the hydrometer in it to overflow the froth is a good shout. If not the...
  11. Roddy J

    Hydrometer reading (with pics)

    I always find it difficult to read the exact OG due to the froth. For this one I had to leave aside overnight til it cleared. I could stir it slightly to mix in LME which had started to drop and got my reading of 1060. Any better methods than leaving overnight?
  12. Roddy J


    Thanks @MikeBusby. My cold crash currently is more of a cold skid as I just take it off the heat pad and let my cold Edinburgh garage do the rest. 36hrs is OK for me. Mrs J wanted a suggestion for my 50th so this is going top of the list I think 😬
  13. Roddy J


    Anymore thoughts on this Ferminator? My 25l FV with the airlock looks to be too tall for the basic so will need one extension. The added bonus is this will also fit my 3 corny kegs for cooling but I'd probably then also need the SS base plate to protect the bottom of the unit so bumps the cost...
  14. Roddy J

    Beer Glasses ?

    I've picked up several styles from breweries who deliver. A lot of them do mixed cases with a glass or 2 as part of the bundle. Find a brewery who does the style you like. Most are branded pint or half pint but others go from stoneware mugs to horns 🍺
  15. Roddy J

    Mangrove Jacks Irish Stout February Giveaway

    Wait what? Oh yes please. Thank you.
  16. Roddy J

    New Forum member map. (3-1-2021)

    Hi, Edinburgh EH10 . Cheers.
  17. Roddy J

    Corny Keg gas posts - replace?

    You have to leave the gas on because your 20psi will be absorbed into the beer within a matter of hours leaving a top pressure of zero. Hi @foxbat I do re-connect the supply once I've left it a few hours. If I see the pressure drops quicker than expected then I get the Chemsan spray out and...
  18. Roddy J

    Corny Keg gas posts - replace?

    Thanks for that @Drunkula . Plumbers tape on and the leak has been sealed. Cheers
  19. Roddy J

    Corny Keg gas posts - replace?

    Hi, I've started using corny kegs this year (after 30 years of bottling) so all still a bit new to this. I've just kegged an NZ IPA into one of the kegs on Sunday and filled with CO2 using sodastream and regulator. Purged a few times and left it at 20psi and thankfully removed the gas...