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  1. phettebs

    Throwback Photo

    Which of you old-timers can tell me what this pic represented back in the day? If you know, you know. :laugh8:
  2. phettebs

    Berliner Weisse Recipe

    I've brewed a lot of styles over the years but a Berliner Weisse is not one of them. I've been doing some research on the various souring processes one can use. Does anybody have a tried and true recipe or any experience brewing one?
  3. phettebs

    First 2021 Brew

    OK, brewday is actually Monday but my shipment of supplies arrived today and I got the starter going. I'll be brewing an imperial stout. OG is expected to be around 1.105. I have not brewed this beer since 2008 so it should be fun. I need about a 3.5 liter starter to brew this big beer...
  4. phettebs


    Hello, not sure if there's anyone left on here who remembers me but thought I'd pop back in to say hi. I've been brewing since 2007. My first beer was a kit beer that did not turn out fantastic. My second beer was straight to all grain and was even worse. They got better. I joined this forum in...
  5. phettebs

    Kegged Real Ale and Oxygen Exposure

    I've got my Boddingtons Bitter conditioning in a polypin waiting for its turn on the pull. I was reading on (a US-based home brew supplier and forum) and saw this little tidbit about using polypins. It was in their how-to guide and not something just posted by a user on a...
  6. phettebs

    Brakewind Bitter

    Got my version of Brakspear Bitter brewed today in spite of the tornadoes that roared through the midwestern US today. To be fair there were non in the nearby vicinity but we were under tornado warning whilst I was brewing. On forum chat, PiddleDribble dubbed it Brakewind Bitter. :thumb: I...
  7. phettebs

    Baz's Kegerator Build

    Now that I am a proud owner of my very own UK beer engine, I need to get it into production! My plan has been to use my existing kegerator which is just a chest freezer with a temp controller. I currently use corny kegs and I lift the lid of the freezer and use picnic taps to fill my glass. Not...
  8. phettebs

    Cask Ale from An American Standpoint

    I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this post but I'll start here. As some of you know, I've been attempting to recreate the fantastic pub ale experience I had when I visited the UK last year. To that end, evanvine has graciously procured me a hand pull and we are in the process of...
  9. phettebs

    Adnams Broadside (bottled version)

    My "online" home brew club does a monthly "Tasting" of a commercial beer during a chat session. Each month, we take turns picking one beer and then everyone buys that beer and we get into chat and do a tasting. It was my turn for September so I chose Adnams Broadside in the bottled version. It's...
  10. phettebs

    Finally Going to Brew Again...

    With the kids back in school and involved in various after school/weekend activities, I have not had time to brew. Today at lunch, I went to the LHBS and picked up some new yeasts I haven't used: Wyeast 1275 - Thames Valley Wyeast 1318 - London III Wyeast 1026 - Cask Ale I also grabbed some...
  11. phettebs

    Landlord Brewday

    Today is a company holiday so naturally, I seized the opportunity to brew! I've just mashed in on a Timothy Taylor Landlord clone. I'll follow up with pics after all is said and done. Happy Friday!
  12. phettebs

    Belgian Saison Brewday

    I finally brewed again today. Belgian Saison OG: 1.050 IBU: 25 7lbs Belgian Pilsner Malt 2lbs Belgian Pale Wheat .25lb acidulated malt 1.75oz Goldings @60 .5oz Saaz @15 1.5oz Styrian Goldings @2 1ltr stater of Wyeast 3711 French Saison Yeast I'm looking forward to this one.
  13. phettebs

    Cameron's Castle Eden Ale

    Got a brewday in this morning. Pretty uneventful as far as brewdays go. I had to make a last minutes substitution on bittering hops. I was going to use Target but the ones I had were several years old and smelled a bit "off." So I went with First Gold instead. Hit 1.044 for an OG. Rainy crappy...
  14. phettebs

    Brewed today

    Brewed up Felinfoel Double Dragon from Wheeler's book. Nothing of note to report. It was just nice to brew again. Last time was over a month ago!
  15. phettebs

    US Commercial Brewery Publishes Recipes

    I don't know if Avery beers are available in the UK but they produce some very nice craft beers and are well regarded. Their stock has just risen in my book even more because they have started to post their recipes specifically for homebrewers: ...
  16. phettebs

    Double Brew Day Sunday

    I needed to get two beers done quickly so I knocked them both out yesterday. I did a Belgian Red Ale which came out at 1.053 and an APA/IPA that came out at 1.059. These are both for a party but the people are all experienced HB drinkers so I thought I'd make them a bit stronger than the norm...
  17. phettebs

    First lager is kegged!

    Two months ago, I brewed my first lager. It was a Classic American Pilsner. I've never had one before because they aren't made anymore but it sounded like a good challenge. Brewing and fermenting process went well. I lagered it for 8 weeks and kegged it on Friday. Had my first glass yesterday...
  18. phettebs

    My little town is getting a brewpub!

    This is within walking distance of my house. We have no brewpubs nearby so this will be a big hit. ... 76113.html
  19. phettebs

    Brewed my first lager

    I finally got around to brewing a lager. On Saturday, I brewed an American Pre-Prohibition lager. It was a simple grain bill of US 6row and flaked maize for an OG of 1.052. Hops were Cluster and Styrian Goldings. I messed around a bit with several rests (50C, 60C, 66.6C) which took awhile. The...
  20. phettebs

    On a whim brewday

    The last 20 gallons I've brewed have been for parties and not for myself. I have nothing on tap now. :-( Decided when I woke up today that I was going to brew. I had a Wyeast smack pack of 1968 (allegedly the Fullers strain) so I smacked it and thought "What to brew?" Leafed through Wheeler's...