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  1. roboto

    Rob's brewdays

    I've just bottled 9 litres of what was supposed to be an extra 'extra special' bitter. Target ABV was ~6.3%, but my efficiency was way up and I chucked an extra 10% Maris Otter in as it turned out it would fit in the mash. I've ended up with a final gravity before bottling of 7.1%. 2.5kg Maris...
  2. roboto

    Technical books

    Does anyone have any recommendations for more technical reading? On any aspect of brewing really, I'm just very curious! Thanks
  3. roboto

    Go to hops for a NEIPA

    Hi I tend to go with mosaic and citra, do any of you have an 'essential' hop you use in this style? Thanks
  4. roboto

    What are the requirements before you can PM other members?

    Hi all, I'm a very new member and can't PM yet, does anyone know the criteria (post count etc) before I can message other members? Thanks
  5. roboto

    Grist recommendations for NEIPAs?

    Hi, I usually go for Maris Otter with 10% porridge oats for my grist, does anyone have a tried and tested recommendation for a grain bill? I tend to hop with citra and mosaic fwiw. Thanks,
  6. roboto

    Pizza: Low moisture mozzarella UK?

    Anyone got any recommendations for low moisture mozzarella available in the UK? Shredded cheese browns too easily and ball mozzarella is too wet!
  7. roboto

    Hello from Surrey

    Hi all, I'm a 30 y/o amateur brewer from Surrey. Looking forward to engaging with the community here. Cheers