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  1. chillipickle

    A blast from the past!!

  2. chillipickle


    Any one else like watching playing darts? The world championships on at the moment.
  3. chillipickle

    Whats your favourite film and sound track?

    A couple of films that never age for me the good the bad the ugly, Man with no name trilogy. once upon a time in america....Ennio Morricone!! Running close behind goodfellas/casino.
  4. chillipickle

    Tesco ashbeck alternative.

    If you normally use ashbeck from tesco and can't find it from your usual store.Sainsburys have 5 ltrs of castle spring for £1.20 a bottle.
  5. chillipickle

    strange-steve' water calc

    Is steves water calculator down for any one else, link says ooops for me?
  6. chillipickle

    When to replace co2 bottle?

    Just checked my co2 bottle and it looks like the needle is about to hit the red segment on the gauge. When do you guys refil, when it's just about to run out, or play it safe and refil with some left in the bottle?
  7. chillipickle

    Favourite TV comedies - 70/80’s

    Moved from the Ivor the engine thread to keep it on topic. C_T. Some classic comedies from the 70/80’s to name a couple, porridge , faulty towers, on the buses only fools etc etc.... just to many to name! Hardly a swear word to be heard some of the junk they put out these days is just...
  8. chillipickle

    Lallemand Nottingham

    I done my first all grain brew on sunday using nottingham yeast, Sg was 1056.Pitched approx 4pm and kept it at 18.5c.It has been under pressure at 10psi. Just taken a reading, no krausen or what looks like any activity its reading 1008, does nottingham normally finish this fast, is 1008 normal...
  9. chillipickle

    Dark rock The bosses Boss

    Has any one brewed this kit before? Ordered one today sounds good and thought would be a good start on a mini mash.
  10. chillipickle

    Inkbird itc-308

    Hi Can any one recommend heating and cooling differential values to set on the inkbird.Will be using it with a fridge and 1ft dimplex tube heater. cheers.
  11. chillipickle

    New member

    Greetings, from maidenhead. Started my first brew on sunday muntons american style ipa, it is bubbling away like a good un at the moment the temp is 23c. Ordered an ink bird and small tube heater for a fridge conversion. Already have a mangrove jack pink grapefruit kit waiting. There is some...