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  1. Get_Er_Brewed

    Mouterij Dingemans Malt Belgium

    We are honoured to introduce you to a diverse and interesting range of speciality malts from our new friends in Belgium, Dingemans Malt. Our portfolio of malts now includes the highly sought after Biscuit malts, Aromatic malts and an extensive range of caramelised / crystal malts. Bringing you...
  2. Get_Er_Brewed

    How to start kegging beer?

    We just posted a new youtube video which we hope will be helpful to beginners looking at the different kegging options with SS Mini Kegs & Corny Kegs If your Interested in learning how to keg your brews then checkout our latest youtube video explaining Corny Kegs & SS Mini Kegs and how to...
  3. Get_Er_Brewed

    Advanced Hop Products for Homebrewers

    Hi, Thanks for your comment. We have given some samples out and can help with the following guidelines from feedback. Spectrum works well at a 1:8 dosage rate compared to t90 pellets, Incognito works at 1:5.8 compared to standard t90 and Lupomax works at 70% of usual t90. Terms like...
  4. Get_Er_Brewed

    Advanced Hop Products for Homebrewers

    Hey everyone!! Hope your all doing well We are seeing huge advances and innovations in advanced hop products , as progressive brewers start to move away from leaf and now even traditional t90 pellets we are pleased to offer these new products to you in a homebrew format. We have seen 4 new...
  5. Get_Er_Brewed

    Experimental Beer Kits Series⁠

    We've added some new Experimental Beer Kits *Kviek IPA with Eclipse Hops *Philly Sour with Nelson Sauvin Hops *Lupomax IPA *Lager Checkout the blog entry: Geterbrewed are wanting to push the boundaries for what can be...
  6. Get_Er_Brewed

    Lallemand Premium Homebrew Yeast

    We have experienced an unprecedented demand for the premium range of lallemand yeast and had been out of stock of the New England for sometime and we're glad to report we have it back in stock. Lallemand have a extensive range of traditional yeast products to allow you to brew any classic beer...
  7. Get_Er_Brewed

    Lupomax now available at Geterbrewed

    Lupomax As we see the demand for hop forward beers continuing to grow we are pleased to present a Lupulin enriched hop pellet called Lupomax. Geterbrewed are proud to be launching Lupomax with the first two varieties available being the highly sought after Mosaic & Citra. So what is Lupomax...
  8. Get_Er_Brewed

    Hop Tea Bags for Brewing Beer

    We've been selling hop tea bags for a longtime but we just wanted to highlight the innovative woven tea bag technology we use as we feel the size and material allows for better utilisation of the hop pellets inside them These hop tea bags can be used at any stage of the brewing process , we use...
  9. Get_Er_Brewed

    New Aussie Flavour Hop ⁠ - Eclipse Hops

    We've seen a really good pick up on this variety and only have a small volume of it until the new harvest , if your wanting to try some I wouldn't leave it too long before you buy it . We did a video on it if you want a little more info Plus we have a few collaborations with local breweries in...
  10. Get_Er_Brewed

    Have THBC stopping delivering to UK?

    Hi, We did a quick Youtube video explaining the impact of Brexit on brewing supplies to try and reassure our customers Hope you find that useful. Best Regards Jonathan
  11. Get_Er_Brewed

    Have THBC stopping delivering to UK?

    Hi, our couriers should not be charging our customers anything extra, there is no extra tariffs and service shouldn't be affected from a GEB point of view. Let me know if anything different is happening please, Thanks Jonathan
  12. Get_Er_Brewed

    Incognito Advanced Hop Products for Home Brewers

    Hey I'll try and cover answers to the last few posts: Incognito - We say 1ml = 5.8g of t90 hop pellets, max use rate of 3ml per litre is our recommendation. Incognito is 10-12% oil Incognito is only for use in whirlpool only - recommended dose at 85-93 but is soluble down to 38 , recirculation...
  13. Get_Er_Brewed

    Incognito Advanced Hop Products for Home Brewers

    We reckon 3g per litre is the max
  14. Get_Er_Brewed

    Incognito Advanced Hop Products for Home Brewers

    We have just did a quick youtube video introducing Incognito if you guys want to check it out: Whats the feedback from those of you who have tried it?
  15. Get_Er_Brewed

    Have THBC stopping delivering to UK?

    Can you double check what service level you are selecting with DHL please
  16. Get_Er_Brewed

    Have THBC stopping delivering to UK?

    There isn't any being added by Geterbrewed at this stage and we are aiming not to have to change that unless governments make further changes
  17. Get_Er_Brewed

    Have THBC stopping delivering to UK?

    Hi, DPD aren't shipping to France atm when they resume you can choose that service , not sure how you think I can do more here? Just to reiterate we don't make anything on shipping. Thanks Jonathan
  18. Get_Er_Brewed

    Have THBC stopping delivering to UK?

    Hi Guys Firstly I hope you are all safe and well during the pandemic Regarding Brexit we have put significant effort into planning for this as we ship so much outside of our HQ in Northern Ireland we didn't want to lose our valued customers . We took on a new full time customs officer on with...
  19. Get_Er_Brewed

    Corny Kegs Promotion - 19 litre,12 litre,9.5litre & 6.5 litre

    Nice one thanks for letting us know your happy with the quality