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  1. cheapbrew


    On wednesday I had the pleasure of drinking one of the nicest beers I have ever tasted, Spratwaffler from the Time and Tide Brewery in Deal, Kent. It is a lovely hoppy pale ale, details on their website say...... Spratwaffler Pale Ale Spratwaffler - a...
  2. cheapbrew

    Rained offf work, hmm what shall I do?

    Use the time productively and get some brews on, why not indeed! First I wanted to try and recreate my last brew which started out great the first two or three weeks then it really changed in taste, but I think I've figured out why. The yeast I used was cropped from two previous brews one which...
  3. cheapbrew

    May as well have a brewday then

    I intended to make some biodiesel today, but I forgot to get the waste veg oil yesterday. So I decided to make use of the time and do a batch of AG instead, going for a quaffable summer ale, aiming for a 10 litre batch. 800g Maris Otter (68.08%) 300g Unmalted Wheat (25.53%) 50g Flaked Barley...
  4. cheapbrew

    Forum members summer gathering.....Brewing Buddies Bash

    Is anyone interested in a weekend gathering later in the summer to get to know others here a little better? For the last 10 years I have hosted a gathering for members of the biofuel community at my field in Bucks. We call it the Bio Buddies Bash, and it made what was a great forum even better...
  5. cheapbrew

    Wine from used beer grain

    I tried an experiment on 28th Jan using the spent grains from one of my all grain brews to make wine......I dunno why I just had a feeling it would be good. Well I bottled it this morning and it is feckin gorgeous, I cannot remember the last time a wine tasted this good at bottling. So I went...
  6. cheapbrew

    40 x 450ml Grolsch Swing top bottles Warwick Ebay £23.99

    Seen on Ebay £23.99 BIN price.
  7. cheapbrew

    The Force...Clibit...pig in ****e!

    Last night thanks to Clibit (and others here) I felt the force very strongly and was as happy as a pig in sh ite. Started with a bottle of AG#2 which was a little flat when I sampled a bottle a week ago and WAS the least favourite of the first few AG brews, but wow what a difference a week...
  8. cheapbrew

    PDF file needed

    I have a pdf file of a poster for the watermill I manage, we would like to edit the file to put opening dates on but I cannot figure it out, I've tried an online pdf editor and downloaded another editor but I'm getting nowhere fast. If anyone is able to offer any help it would be very much...
  9. cheapbrew

    Home brew and wine making equipment

    Home brew and wine making equipment on fleabay
  10. cheapbrew

    Guinness style clone

    I'm thinking of doing a Guinness style Irish stout clone for a future AG brew. I have found several recipes and the common ingredients seem to be 70% pale malt 20% flaked barley 10% roasted barley The hops used seem to vary I would like to hear folks thoughts on mash temp and mash time and...
  11. cheapbrew

    AG-Wheat beer experiment

    I have been looking into using unmalted wheat coz I have access to it at the watermill I manage. In my research I've found some beers have up to 50% unmalted wheat. So to experiment.... Yesterday I milled some of our unmalted wheat and added it to a brew. 335g Unmalted wheat ...41.2% 330g...
  12. cheapbrew

    Unmalted wheat

    Being the mill manager at a watermill I have access to unmalted wheat, and I can mill it myself no problem, its Hereward, a hard, high protein (13.2%) No 1 milling bread wheat. Now I've seen some recipes using malted wheat and also read about using unmalted wheat, sometimes at up to 40%, but...
  13. cheapbrew

    At last....Game on!

    Well I finished work at lunchtime, had a quick sandwich then @1-30pm started getting my equipment ready to do a brew. 1 gallon/ 5 litres 660g Maris Otter 330g Irish Pilsner Malt mash @ 66°C for 75 mins 3.5g First gold @ start of boil 6g First Gold @ 15 mins from end of boil. Czech Pilsner...
  14. cheapbrew

    Oh what...frustration...change of plan

    I was hoping that my friends lad who works at a local brewery was going to sort out some of their yeast for me at the weekend as I'm trying to make a version of their blonde summer ale....however the yeast never arrived and it looks like it will not be until next weekend now...DOH So..... I...
  15. cheapbrew

    3 x Demijohns (not for sale)

    I have 3 x 1 gallon demijohns, 1 x brown glass, 2 x clear glass looking for a new home. They are collection only from Tring Herts, but I could reluctantly post at your risk if you cover the postage.
  16. cheapbrew

    Blonde summer ale type recipe

    I made beer many many moons ago, geordie, boots kits etc and my uncle got into using malt and hops before he had kids, but I haven't made any for ages as beer bloats me out these days so I prefer making wine, but I do like the odd couple a pints o beer and the blonde type summer ales...
  17. cheapbrew

    purple grape, apple n mango wowv

    I bottled my purple grape, apple n mango wowv this morning and tried out my new auto siphon and bottling wand, the siphon took a bit of pumping to get primed ( funny it worked on first pump every time when I tested it in water) but I loved the bottling stick. Me n the missus did a taste test...
  18. cheapbrew

    Pumpkin/Marrow/Courgette wine

    After trying a pumkin wine from a member of another forum I decided to use some of my large round courgettes to make a version, The recipe can be used for either pumpkin, marrow or courgette,or any squash really. I cut up a large one and got 2kg cut into chunks from it, this was added to a...
  19. cheapbrew

    Hello fellow brewers

    Hello to all I was introduced to homebrewing by my late father many years ago, I helped him as a young kid when he first learned how to make wine and beer and have been doing it myself on and off over the years, I had a dry spell for a bit but have got back into it over the last two years...