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    Stout + Maple syrup for priming

    Have just enjoyed a Lidl can of Stout and Maple syrup it has got me thinking. If I was to batch prime before bottling with Maple Syrup, equivalent to sugar as suggested by the Brewers Friend online calculator would some of the flavour and taste come through? The plan is to try this with a Wilco...
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    Kiwi and lime cider

    Hi All, family would like me to brew a cider. My wife is partial to Old Mout Kiwi & Lime. Having never brewed a cider, can anyone suggest a kit to pimp or should I try a turbo cider recipe and modify it! Thanks in advance.
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    Pulled the plug on my fermenter !!, advice please

    I am brewing a MJ Irish Red Ale, all going well with fementation untill I switched off the power supply in the garage. Now the temperature has dropped from 22 to 12, fementation has stopped. Warming back up to 22 has not restarted the fementation, I assume I have to re-start it with a starter...
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    Pimping a Wilco Cerveza lager

    As a newbie to this forum I have enjoyed learning about my new hobby, a superb knowledge base I have used spray malts to improve the body of bitters and would now like to try this with Lager. My understanding suggests that that the Cerveza could well be a Steam Beer, a lager brewed with ale...
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    Bottle Conditioning

    After brewing in my cold garage using a heated FV I would like to bring the bottles indoors for conditioning. SHMBO has other ideas about 40 bottles being spread around the house. I have been granted a small area that would acceptable but can only take 20. My question is would the remaining...
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    Draught ale from a bottle

    I always brew using bottles, I have given up with cheap plastic kegs leaking and do not have the space for them either My question as a Newbie is that I am happy to drink sparkling Larger, a 500 ml swing top primed with 1/2 teaspoon of granulated sugar, but when I brew Stout or Ale I prefer a...
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    Festival Pride of London Porter, priming question

    With this kit (my first) it comes with priming sugar and suggests syphoning the beer into another 5 gal container and mixing in all of the sugar. Then fill all of my bottles from this container. I am just worried about getting all the sugar thoroughly mixed before bottling, does anyone desolve...
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    Half measures

    I am thinking about the starting my first can kit with modified ingredients. In the past I have always used granulated sugar but now wish to try spraymalt. As an idea could I split the can kit in half and trial one with lightmalt and the other with dark to compare later. I am looking to achieve...
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    Bottle sediment

    As I newbie to this site I have been reading as many articles as possible. With regards to fermentation I have always aimed to bottle the following day that my SG readings are correct. Reading various posts, am I correct in thinking that I can bottle many days later or even weeks after...
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    Equivalent to Bewdley Brewery Station Porter

    I have enjoyed a pint of Station Porter while on holiday, which is described and reviewed as.. Pours a generally clear ruby, small tan head. Aroma has some molasses, chocolate, roast. Taste continues with nice roast, bitter chocolate, gentle molasses. Good well rounded flavoursome porter. Deep...
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    Thanks in advance

    Hi everyone, I have only dabbled with basic one can brews of beer, cider and larger. my taste has changed and now find myself enjoying the heavier type of ales. Having tried a pint of Bewdley Brewery's "Station Porter" I am now a convert to Porters. I will post a question in the forums, should I...