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    Brewzilla & Grain Bag

    Thanks for the scorching info. Yes I have thought about putting the bag in the pipe, thus solving the problem of lifting it out & draining/sparging. I’m thinking of sieving the grain first to remove the flour, I didn’t think it would have such an effect. I use grain kits at the moment as not the...
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    Brewzilla & Grain Bag

    Thanks, I guess using the pipe with a grain bag would work as you can pull it up the same? I buy grain kits at the moment as I’m still learning & I figured trying to device my own ( I want to do one day) is like predicting lottery balls trying to get the flavour you want? How does a batch burn...
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    Brewzilla & Grain Bag

    Yes I guess there really isn’t any point in using it during the boil, but I like to during the mash to try and improve the efficiency of it by keep flushing the grain with the malt to extract as much as possible or don’t you think it does?
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    Brewzilla & Grain Bag

    Hi, thanks for the info. I like to keep the pump running so as to keep a flow through the grain whilst it’s in the mash phase. I’ve seen the mesh on the Brewzilla web site, but as you say not sure of the hole size? Another option I guess is to get a muslin bag and put the bottom plate in it so...
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    Brewzilla & Grain Bag

    Many thanks, interesting idea about dunking the bag into a sparge container, I’ll try that along with the grain bag, cheers 🍻
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    Brewzilla & Grain Bag

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who has issues with the grain interfering with the pump flow, therefore I’m considering using a grain bag next time. It should make the pump flow better & less mess to deal with by negating the pipe tube also. Anyone tried it & comments please.
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    My first all grain brew.

    Firstly I don’t bother lifting the grain pipe as there is enough dead space underneath to contain any wort which can be got out by tipping it slightly. Secondly it may sound obvious but no one has mentioned that when you finish sparging I use the top plate to compress the grain to ensure I get...
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    How Long Do Plastic Pet Bottles Last?

    clear glass is ok, but I’m told sunlight could degrade the beer?
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    How Long Do Plastic Pet Bottles Last?

    Personally I’ve found beer tastes better from glass and therefore moving back to them.
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    Just read the above Beersmith article which might explain why I’ve brewed two clone beers 1 Speckled Hen, 2 Hobgoblin Ruby & they both taste alike. I’ve got a Brewzilla coming today therefore hopefully this will cure the problem. I used an Electrim to make the above where the temperature is not...
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    Brewzilla false bottom hack - securing the false bottom

    Wouldn’t it be easier to get a large grain bag & put the hops in that, that way they can move about freely without causing blockage issues?
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    Brewzilla false bottom hack - securing the false bottom

    I haven’t got my Brewzilla yet, but I’m interested in reading hints and tips. Just a thought on the base plate, what about putting a layer of ceramic beads on it to hold it down and allow liquid to pass through more readily? I’m thinking of the type of ceramic beads they use in baking, therefore...
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    Recomendation for Water Analysis

    My problem with getting water tested is how can you be certain the water your going to treat is the same as what you sent off for testing, by that I mean how consistent is the water coming out of your tap. When you get your results will the water still have exactly the same chemical make up as...
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    Bottled of tap water

    I like to leave it over night to allow the chlorine’s etc to boil off so to speak. It’s just planning ahead really.
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    Wort recirculation Vs not

    What’s the link to subscribe please?
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    Newby pressure barrel questions

    Personally I don’t like them for that very reason! I can consistency with bottle, although you’ve got more to store than just a keg.
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    Free online brewing textbook - Mosher

    When I went on this, it wanted to access my friends, profile etc! Not going near that.
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    Bottle labels

    Thanks for the ideas, interestingly I’ve not heard of using WD40 before! Cheers everyone 🍻🍻
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    Bottle labels

    Hi, like many of you I like to recycle bottles donated from friends, but despite soaking for a week some labels aren’t even softened! ideas please on how to remove them would be appreciated, thanks.
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    Black Rock Oatmeal Stout

    Worth knowing thanks. I’ve got a couple on the go, but will be looking to try some later, cheers 🍺🍺