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  1. Crappyfish

    Iceland to offer loan's

    Should we be ashamed of our country or just sympathise with people. Iceland supermarket to offer interest free loans so customers can buy food. Can it get any worse?
  2. Crappyfish

    SMASH help

    Quick question really. Are Hallertau Blanc hops ok for a SMASH beer. Most recipes seem to be for the big hitting hops. If so what quantities will be required for a 20L brew (final quantity) I've got some dried hops that aren't pellets. Alpha acids 9-12%.
  3. Crappyfish

    American Wheat Beer

    I've brewed the above beer using a Seadog clone recipie and it taste a bit anaemic. Its hit the gravity specified which was 1.050 down to 1.012. My question is does anyone find American Wheat beers a bit bland or have I done something wrong or will it improve with age. I am under the impression...
  4. Crappyfish


    Hi all Just bought a conical and wondered if I need to put anything on the dump valve or just leave it as it is. Thanks
  5. Crappyfish


    Been waiting for my Klarstein stainless steel fermenting bin just found out they are not despatching to the UK but are trying to sort it out this month. The reason I went for that over the Mangrove Jack one is because it looked like it had a flat metal bottom which would sit on my heat pad. Does...
  6. Crappyfish

    Arise Sir Lewis the tax dodger

    Oh well the "awards" are being posted noticed the BBC headlines Hamilton and covid volunteers to be rewarded. But only shows big pictures of the tax exile non of covid volunteers. Suppose I should know better really thinking the rich will reward the rich first and what's left is scattered...
  7. Crappyfish


    Can anyone recommend a good pump all I want it to do is circulate 23l brews. The one that came with my set up keeps sticking and is a bit underpowered.
  8. Crappyfish

    Dry hoping in a keg

    Question... I dry hopped in keg last week can I release the gas and take out the hops and then re gas the keg without spoiling the beer?
  9. Crappyfish


    Hi All I'm having a go at a Smash beer bought some Vienna malt some hops I have a choice between Amarillo and Centinal hops. Question is how many hops for a 23l brew,? I have brewing software but can it be trusted to hit the IBU that's stated on the software. Do I dry hop too. I like hoppy beers...
  10. Crappyfish

    Base Malts

    I normally brew IPA style brew with the odd dark beer I don't want to store a great deal of malts but do realise that buying uncrushed malt in bulk is way cheaper. Which base malts are best to buy bulk for IPA style brews
  11. Crappyfish

    Substitute Malts

    Just bought a clone recipe book and I have noticed some of the malts are not available. My question is how much difference in taste are substitute malts to the listed malt? Does it really matter if the malt is not the same as listed.
  12. Crappyfish

    Acting blunders

    Just wondering which acting roles actors wouldn't be errrr proud of?
  13. Crappyfish

    Beer Tools Pro

    Am I the only one using Beer Tools Pro on the forum? I find it easier to use than the other software options. If anyone else uses it i would like to hear any tips and tricks they may use. Although it is more basic than the others is it as accurate in its results?
  14. Crappyfish

    Beer Tools

    Simple one this as anyone got any thoughts on Beer Tools 2 software. It seems OK to me not too complex to use and a good recipe generator.
  15. Crappyfish

    Soaking grains over night

    Hi people I am wondering if it's possible without any bad effects to put the grain in the mash boiler with cold water in it and let the boiler turn on at night and do the mash so when I get up it's done. I am thinking this may not be good for the grain to sit in cold water for a couple of hours...
  16. Crappyfish

    Leaking co2 pipes

    Hi I have a 3 way splitter going to 2 kegs which suddenly developed a leak where the pipes push on. My question is do these normally fail or do I need to get a small clip of some sort to tighten up the pipes around the connection pipe. The pipes seemed to be ok for a few weeks. The connection...
  17. Crappyfish

    Strike Temperature

    Bet this has been asked before but going to ask it anyway When doing AG and raising water to strike temperature do I need to go above the required temp then put the grain in to lower the temperature or raise it to the required temp then put the grain in and let the boiler reheat to the correct...
  18. Crappyfish

    Transfering hot wort.

    Simple question really l don't like carrying hot wort in the kettle it's a bit heavy and it made me wonder if I could cool wort in the plastic fv with a wort chiller or use the pump to transfer it as I have to place the boiler on a higher surface and use gravity to drain the kettle. It's a 30l...
  19. Crappyfish

    CO2 for korny keg

    Hi all I live in East Midlands ,Derby to be exact and I am struggling to find food grade CO2 bottles for the keg. Anyone know a good supplier preferably rent free as I would expect it would last a while. Delivery or pick up within a reasonable radius say 40 miles would be fine. Any suggestions...
  20. Crappyfish

    How much?

    How many drinkable litres should I get from a 19l ag kit?