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  1. BlackRegent

    Getting cherry flavour into beer

    I've recently brewed a cherry chocolate porter and for the cherry flavour I fermented the beer in secondary with this product...
  2. BlackRegent

    Kegland Series X fan replacement question

    Calling all you computer techsperts... I think the bearing on the font fan of my Series X kegerator is knackered. It is now making an annoying rattling sound. The fan is just a basic 120mm 12V DC brushless fan that you can buy more or less anywhere. The actual replacement part that Kegland...
  3. BlackRegent

    Brewzilla Gen 4

    The specs of the new Brewzilla Gen 4 are now available on the Kegland website Have to say it's not as revolutionary an upgrade as I was expecting and I'm not seeing anything that would...
  4. BlackRegent

    A question about dispensing Weissbier from a corny keg

    The received wisdom when serving weissbier is to mix the yeast back into suspension before pouring into the glass. Easy to do if the beer is packaged in bottles, less easy to do when it is in a keg. I have replaced the fixed steel pick up tubes in my cornys with a floating pickup - the reason...
  5. BlackRegent

    Fullers Harvested Yeast - Use, keep or bin?

    I've been getting round to brewing this year's Xmas ale and thought the Fullers yeast would be a good match. I have WLP002 in stock, but as that seems to get a bad rep, I thought I'd try and harvest the yeast from a couple of bottles of 1845 on a stir plate. I probably didn't follow best...
  6. BlackRegent

    St Stefanus Blonde

    A had a bottle of this for the first time at the weekend. It is an exceptional beer and there were a couple of questions I have about how it is made. The head was superb and possibly the most appetising beer foam I have ever come across. It was light but kept its form to the very end. It had...
  7. BlackRegent

    Emulating cask ale - what's the average shelf life?

    Calling all you cask ale emulators out there, including the indomitable @peebee What do you find is the average shelf life of a kegged real(ish) ale which is served either using a LPG regulator or cask breather? My experiences to date have been mixed. My ESB (which admittedly has been on tap...
  8. BlackRegent


    @AngelHomebrew. Any update on the arrival date of the Brewzilla shipment? Thanks
  9. BlackRegent

    Problems with gas manifold

    This one is for our resident hand pull experts or anyone who uses a gas manifold. I have 4 hand pumps with 4 kegs on at the same time. I feed the CO2 into a low pressure gas regulator (the Clesse regulator recommended by @peebee) which then runs into a 4 way manifold. I had my dark mild...
  10. BlackRegent

    Angram Hand Pumps

    For those in the market for one, there is a job lot of nice looking Angram hand pumps on FB marketplace at the moment in Manchester. They look fairly new and have the more modern black and chrome finish. Probably from a pub or bar that's gone bump. Not super cheap, but it looks like the guy may...
  11. BlackRegent

    Can anyone help me ID these bottles

    I'm planning on bottling a Belgian dark strong at the weekend which I've been batch conditioning for a couple of months. I'm aiming for a high carbonation of around 3 volumes of CO2 so I need some bottles I can depend on. I have about 40-50 Duvel bottles which I'm confident in, for obvious...
  12. BlackRegent

    Corny Keg Spares Query

    Anyone know where I can get the little plastic/rubber stoppers that go on the end of the lid sealing clamp. I bought a new AEB keg and one of them has split and fallen off unfortunately, meaning the clamp is metal on metal. They have them as part of the spares kit from Malt Miller (they are the...
  13. BlackRegent

    Cannular for sale - collection only in Wiltshire

    Not my advert, but there's a Cannular for sale on FB - collection only in Chippenham. Could be a good deal for anyone local. Can't see it lasting long
  14. BlackRegent

    Good place for custom beer tap handles?

    Anyone got a lead on somewhere (ideally UK based) who sells customisable beer tap handles? The only sites I've found seem to be aimed at commercial operations and I'm not looking at having a load made up, only 4 at most. I like the look of these...
  15. BlackRegent

    Polly's QIPA

    For Polly's fans... They've just released a 13% QIPA on their website (!) I didn't know such a thing existed. I've reservations that the alcohol heat of so heady a brew will match well with a full on juice bomb because you simply don't get the conditioning time that big beers need to smooth out...
  16. BlackRegent

    Yeast Swap?

    I don't know if anything like this has been tried previously but... I've built up a fair library of specialist yeasts (mainly Wyeast) through overbuilding starters and reserving some in a jar which I keep in the fridge. It occurred to me that there might be interest in the group to develop a...
  17. BlackRegent

    Metallic taste from hand pump

    Calling the resident beer engine experts @peebee @Dads_Ale et al I've had my Angram CQ up and running for a few months now. Something I have noticed is that pints pulled through it often suffer from a sharp metallic taste, which normally dissipates after a few minutes. I'm assuming it's...
  18. BlackRegent

    Going back to kits...

    ...but not for good. When I went from kits to AG I had a kit left over - Courage Best Bitter. It's just been left abandoned and neglected in the cellar whilst I've built up knowledge and experience on mashing, boiling, fermenting and packaging and all the other rabbit hole topics that go with...
  19. BlackRegent

    Cheap Beer Crates in Manchester

    If anyone is near Manchester and is after beer crates, someone had advertised a load on Facebook Marketplace for the frankly giveaway price of £2 each. I would have been all over this if I didn't have lots already.
  20. BlackRegent

    Angram Beer Engines - a tear down guide?

    I've recently got my hands on a four pump Angram beer engine which I plan to strip down and thoroughly clean. (Apparently it came out of a pub following a refurb and hasn't been used for 4 years). I've read @peebee 's excellent guide to attempting to reproduce cask ale at home and the...