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  1. Paul Roberts

    Muntons Tap Room Series

    If you're making the radler then no extra fermentables required. I got my can from the homebrew shop and their website stated which did or didn't need extra Ive attached the instructions so you can see what they're like.
  2. Paul Roberts

    Muntons Tap Room Series

    I purchased the one in a melon water melon sour. Its was 16.98 plus a kilo of muntons beer kit enhancer for 5.70. The can reccomended dextrose or light malt extract so I split the difference with enhancer. The contents smelt good and as you'd expect of watermelon, with a sour taste. I hope...
  3. Paul Roberts

    Sausage making

    Would love to hear what went then the rhubarb sausage
  4. Paul Roberts

    Shake n brew

    I've been watching Dr Hans' shake n Brew videos on YouTube and I'm tempted to give this a go. Has anyone else seen them or experimented with his recipes?
  5. Paul Roberts

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2022.

    23l of mangrove jack's pina colager. All I can smell is pineapple Total 6302
  6. Paul Roberts

    1 litre PET bottle suppliers

    The homebrew shop sell 1 litre bottles in cases of 30 or something like that
  7. Paul Roberts

    Pressure fermentation

    Hi Doing my first pressure ferment in an all rounder. Presumably there is a point in the process when the pressure starts dropping as the co2 is absorbed? Or is it a leak? It's day 5
  8. Paul Roberts

    Muntons liquid malt recipie suggestions

    I'm going to follow their instructions and see how it turns out
  9. Paul Roberts

    Muntons liquid malt recipie suggestions

    I stumbled across the following link from muntons with suggestions on what beers to make fron their new liquid malt extract range : In the instructions they say to add hops when you add yeast. Would adding hops that early be OK?
  10. Paul Roberts

    Fermzilla 30L All rounder ?

    Brew keg tap do packages if you just want someone to order from in UK. Or AHB
  11. Paul Roberts

    Brew Books - What's On Your Shelf??

    Her book on cider is good too
  12. Paul Roberts

    Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

    Just jumped on that site and they only seem to sell the alcohol free version
  13. Paul Roberts

    Anyone use yeast nutrient?

    I've used Harris pure brew which I bought from the homebrew shop farnborough. I have found it has helped reduce twang. This could be the water treatment side or the nutrient. Either way if it helps reduce stress on the yeast I'm in
  14. Paul Roberts

    Brew Books - What's On Your Shelf??

    I purchased Emma Christensen brew better and modern cider. Very American but recipes are 1 and 5 gallon, has added some variety to the shelf
  15. Paul Roberts

    American equivalents

    Thanks all, its one of those obvious questions now I've seen the answer. Kind of like asking where the salt is whilst staring at the jar
  16. Paul Roberts

    American equivalents

    Amazing thank you
  17. Paul Roberts

    American equivalents

    I have a homebrew book which is American. In a number of recipes they call for crystal 15 degree and crystal 40 degree. I have searched various websites like TMM etc but it's not obvious what the UK equivalent would be. Any ideas from the hive mind would be gratefully received
  18. Paul Roberts

    Splitting a Kit?

    Ive just done the cherry ale, expensive but it smelt so good can't wait for this to be conditioned