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  1. J

    Festival Belgian Dubbel ??

    Thanks for that Hazelwood I think it’s currently at the stage of bottling It’s been fermenting now for 15 days at roughly 19-20 degrees and has been stable at a G reading of 1.010 for 2 days should I start the priming process now and and get them bottled? if so, the destructions say to...
  2. J


    So I’ve just recently done this Brew and have had it in the bottles for 7 days and impatience got the better of me and I popped one open (I’ve got 41 bottles) I was more curious because having looked at on of the bottles it was surprisingly starting to look quite clear already. my reason for...
  3. J

    Festival Belgian Dubbel ??

    New poster and new to brewing however I have this Dubbel kit arriving tomorrow and can not wait to get it going so far my experience in brewing is very limited, last year in summer time I brewed Mangrove Jacks Grapefruit IPA by the book which was lovely, and currently I’ve just bottled the...
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