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  1. Bobtheblob

    Any recommendations for a good bitter kit?

    Well I went for a Festival Pilgrims Hope kit and it's on the go now.
  2. Bobtheblob

    Youngs American IPA

    Yeah chuck the rest in it'll be fine. It's only for carbonation and should take a couple of weeks to carb up.
  3. Bobtheblob

    Youngs American IPA

    You add the whole bag of priming sugar that was included in the kit.
  4. Bobtheblob

    Any recommendations for a good bitter kit?

    Not been brewing long but have done kits of Youngs Scottish Heavy, Woodfordes Headcracker, Youngs Saison, Youngs American IPA and recently Mangrove Jacks Grapefruit IPA. I've been impressed with all of them, maybe the Saison was the stand out one for me. Want to try a bitter next. Any good ones...
  5. Bobtheblob

    Quick question

    California Connoisseur wine kits are the best I've made.
  6. Bobtheblob

    Your favourite radio station.

    Planet Rock and Absolute Radio 80s.
  7. Bobtheblob

    Top things to improve brews

    Even bottled water?
  8. Bobtheblob

    Plastic bottles

    I've been using plastic pet bottles that I've used for about 4 brews now. However after washing them they seem to have developed a ring of haze around the shoulder inside the bottle. Is this something to be worried about or are they ok to carry on using?
  9. Bobtheblob

    Free pint glass

    Just to let you know your website doesn't work properly. Click on any of the links at the top such as kegs, equipment, ingredients, beer kits, cleaners and nothing happens. So it's a bit difficult to see what you're actually selling.
  10. Bobtheblob

    Mangrove's jack grapefruit pink ipa limited edition

    Yes, I used priming sugar for the carbonation.
  11. Bobtheblob

    Mangrove's jack grapefruit pink ipa limited edition

    Looks exactly like the head on my grapefruit IPA too!
  12. Bobtheblob

    Which is the best merlot wine kit

    No it doesn't need extra sugar.
  13. Bobtheblob

    Hello, Jessia Here.

    I think we can safely say this was a spam post.
  14. Bobtheblob


    Cant beat a bit of Scrabble.
  15. Bobtheblob

    The Homebrew Twang experiment.

    I tried an experiment with my last batch. I squeezed some of the bottles until the beer reached the brim before capping and marked them as such to see if oxidization made a difference. Just opened one and it gushed everywhere. All the others that weren't squeezed haven't gushed so far. All were...
  16. Bobtheblob

    Hop combo

    Oakham Citra IPA is a single hop beer available from supermarkets. Very nice too.
  17. Bobtheblob

    Christmas on TV

    Fools and Horses was always a Christmas favourite laugh out loud round here. Another staple was the afternoon Connery/Moore James Bond Film.
  18. Bobtheblob

    Mangrove's jack grapefruit pink ipa limited edition

    Sampling my second beer out of this kit just now (it's Friday after 4pm and nearly Xmas so what the hell). Much clearer and nicer now and it's very close to Elvis Juice. I'd say it's the best kit I've made and beats the Youngs IPA kit which was a cracker too. Highly recommended.
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