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  1. Gerryjo

    The Coronavirus thread.

    Yes as the majority of workers get SSP.I'm fortunate enough in my current role to get full sickpay but my last jobs were not
  2. Gerryjo

    The Coronavirus thread.

    I'm similar as there is six in our house and my eldest boy at 16 eats twice what I do and I can eat a fair bit. I was in ALDI Buncrana on Thursday and the shelves were stripped of the basics toilet roll,cleaning products,meat and I noticed that the RED SAUCE was also empty as well as porridge...
  3. Gerryjo

    Did someone say our 'Giveaways' are back?

    Count me in please!
  4. Gerryjo

    Star San withdrawn from sale in EU?

    We have a local cash and carry open to the public and is about £6 for 4.5ltr. Or on ebay here.
  5. Gerryjo

    Hello and help !

    I use chrome and no issues at all now as site is easily accessible as can be seen in the picture.
  6. Gerryjo

    Buzz words.

    Depends on what you are pulling...:laugh8::laugh8::laugh8:
  7. Gerryjo

    Buzz words.

    Thats THOR............
  8. Gerryjo

    Buzz words.

    There is another 21 letters in the alphabet to go...asad.asad1ashock1
  9. Gerryjo

    Any ideas?

    Great company with a great service and 5% forum discount.I highly recommend them as I use them all the time.
  10. Gerryjo

    Any ideas?

    Patience is your friend as I don't use clearing or fining agents and still managing to get clear beer though it does condition a while longer though doesn't affect the taste.
  11. Gerryjo

    Hi from South Derbyshire

    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  12. Gerryjo

    Show us your dog

    Sparky our new addition to the family.. 2 month old Cavapoo
  13. Gerryjo

    What are you drinking tonight.

    Treating myself to a few Kinnegar tonight..
  14. Gerryjo

    So, What Did Santa Bring?

    Mostly clothes and nothing brew related.
  15. Gerryjo

    So, What Did Santa Bring?

    Hope you're not waiting till next Christmas for your next..... You'll need a minimum of 4 as 2 on tap and 2 for conditioning or ready for your next brew...
  16. Gerryjo

    Safe Brewing

    It's amazing how distracted you can become when a brew doesn't go as planned...
  17. Gerryjo


    My wife had bought me a portable record player a few years ago and I have played a couple records on but the sound quality was poor but play the same record on the hi-fi and wow what a difference. I've played more records in a few weeks than I have in quite a few years..
  18. Gerryjo


    Received a new needle cartridge earlier this week and wow what it's like to play vinyl again on a quality system....
  19. Gerryjo

    Hello from Norfolk!

    Hi and welcome to the forum...
  20. Gerryjo

    Hi, from Leicestershire

    Hi and welcome to the forum...
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