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  1. johncrobinson

    Fruit juices for WOW wines

    I have been making wows for years,Allmost any fruit juice will give good results. When I first started making these about 1987 there was no internet, and traditional winemaking books did not really cover the subject. But i can still remember how supprised i was that they came out so good after...
  2. johncrobinson

    Dried elderberry port

    As i recall yes they are yeast+nutrient packs. Nice you have got to nearly 18%. You need that sort of abv to make fortified wine clones.
  3. johncrobinson

    Talk to me about turbo yeast

    Sucrose has to be split by the yeast,This costs energy that the yeast can ill aford to spare in the enviroment of high alcohol fermentations . At beer or normal table wine strengths i would agree the difference is accademic. That is why turbo yeast manufactures say if you cant get the correct...
  4. johncrobinson

    Talk to me about turbo yeast

    12c will be very low for a turbo. it should be around 22- 25c Providing you are a very young person you might live long enough to see it ferment 12c Joking asside you need a heater.Simples.!!!! Or wait till the weather warms up. Turbo ferments are far less forgiving of incorrect...
  5. johncrobinson

    The Coronavirus thread.

    What a totally shocking picture that Tube train was,Chippy. Exactly how I remember it from when I lived there. NO difference whatsoever.!!!!!!!!!
  6. johncrobinson

    Business (coronavirus related)

    We have one proper village shop for nearly 4000 population ( co-op.) Two towns at 15 and 40 miles distance return trip. So far they have stayed open. But one has to feel for the undoubted concerns of the staff working there. The village also has a large elderly population who rely on said shop...
  7. johncrobinson

    Your wine smells of sandwiches!

    Perhaps she is smelling the yeast. Last week for an experiment i made some mead with bakers yeast there is a bread smell. Such smells should clear with a bit of age. I also keep plastic well away from my wine.!!! As a kid i could taste and smell plastic in pop or fruit squash that was...
  8. johncrobinson

    Wildly out of date pectolase

    Try a WOW with clear juice,Its allready been doctored. Most chemicals have an unlimited shelf life but not sure about pectolase Pushed to make a guess i would say its ok as long as has not been heated. Take salt for example you will find a best before date on the pack of a few months/year.But...
  9. johncrobinson

    New forum teething problems..

    Have to log in everytime,Using Win 10 + Firefox. No other problems found so far.
  10. johncrobinson

    The Coronavirus thread.

    Quite agree MyQul In ten years i have never seen my village ( In the Highlands ) so busy.!!!!! The number of kids and young adults running around together in groups I have never seen before. I think Boris will be left with no options but to lockdown
  11. johncrobinson

    Funny Things seen in Supermarkets

    The corona beer story reminds me of the 1980s product rebranding over AIDS. I do wonder just what opinion the marketing gurus have of the general public.????
  12. johncrobinson

    Kenny Rogers R.I.P.

    The vast majority of entertainers from my youth in the 60-70s are now gone.
  13. johncrobinson

    Which Kit to Choose?

    Re Mr.S.Jerusalem. My Father made gallons of parsnip wine (parsnips were his favorite veg).I can vouch the wine is nice. However unless you have Amylase do NOT over cook them as you will be left with a cloudy wine that wont clear. That said cloudy parsnip wine can still taste very nice as the...
  14. johncrobinson

    Old yeast

    If a few quid isint a problem,Yeast based generators can be bought,They are sold for use with planted aquariums
  15. johncrobinson

    Espresso machine

    I was gifted an expresso machine about 4 yrs ago Its SO good I now drink more coffee than beer.
  16. johncrobinson

    Supermarket Juice Wine Recipes and Wurzel's Orange Wine (WOW) .....

    Yes it does,But the amount of vit c in fruit juice is smaller than you might think Ascorbic acid (vit C ) can be added to wine to preserve colour. Of course this makes winedrinking an even healthier pastimeathumb..
  17. johncrobinson

    The UK Government (currently lead by Boris Johnson) could do things quicker and better!

    "Herd Immunity" that sounds like one of Cummings ideas.!!! Rest assured something WILL be done. That is when the money men and the landed gentry start keeling over and not before.
  18. johncrobinson


    I too use a 50mm prime (Nikon) its quality is outstanding. NO chromatic abberation nomatter how much i enlarge the pixels.Unlike the zoom lenses.!!!!!
  19. johncrobinson

    Which Kit to Choose?

    Re:>Nige I should be moving home in the next few weeks,But who knows now with the impending public health situation. If you can keep hold of the bottle till i know whats happening i will PM you.( Once i work out how to do this.)
  20. johncrobinson

    The UK Government (currently lead by Boris Johnson) could do things quicker and better!

    I would not be at all supprised if most of the emergency measures are nothing more than old 1960s cold war files dusted off for the present situation. Thats how incompetent I think they are.
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