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  1. Hoddy

    Has the Forum Traffic & visitors increased??

    Given the increase (drastic increase) in orders from the main online HB shops (THBS received a months worth of orders on a single Friday night after the instruction to close pubs was issued) do we think this forum has seen a big increase in visitors and traffic due to pub closures and people...
  2. Hoddy

    Wetherspoons Leader Does it Again

    Quote "Members of the British left have been invoking the hearty cut – routinely served with a fried egg and chips or a limp pineapple ring – as an insult with which to describe red-faced conservative men and Ukippers ranting about Brexit. "...
  3. Hoddy

    Wetherspoons Leader Does it Again

    In the news today that the chief No1 Gammon Tim Martin (owner of "spoons" fame) is now not going to be paying his staff for the time the pubs are shut, cant say if they will claim any money from the government for furlowed worker scheme. And now he says "you better get a job in Tesco". I knew...
  4. Hoddy

    HBF Home Brew Competition Schedule 2020

    Woudl seem to be the right thing to do. People not able to get ingredients and then not able to go out and post them. A suspension is on the cards really.
  5. Hoddy

    Keeping chickens

    I’ve just rebuilt my old chicken coop and run after losing 10 chickens to a badger about a year and a bit ago. I’ve gone for a smaller flock of 6 this time and a smaller but more secure run this time as well. All just hybrids though so nothing posh like @Leon I’ve got a light Sussex, Maran...
  6. Hoddy

    Forum software updated. Info and questions here starting about pg 4

    Yeah i still have adverts everywhere and i now have to trawl through my settings to turn off the million e-mail notifications!!! Can someone advise what the score is with adverts again now?
  7. Hoddy

    Lager-like ale

    So you will need some temp control because you wont be able to ferment and brew anything half decent without being able to keep the beer stable between 19 - 20oC for the two weeks needed. So that you need to resolve that first. the next step, i would recommend, if you want to brew something...
  8. Hoddy

    New CML yeasts

    When i have been talking to CML (about their Saison yeast and Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus cell counts) they said to me that they have a European dried yeast supplier who is able to supply them with the high quality dried yeasts at low prices that they can pass on to their...
  9. Hoddy

    The Coronavirus thread.

    I can only assume this tool, based on the multiple deletions and responses, was given the appropriate treatment........
  10. Hoddy

    The Coronavirus thread.

    I watched a you tube video of a conspiracy theorist the other day. It was hilarious. This “fake virus hoax” has been created to take down the countries banks and to force a cashless society that’s controlled by one central world bank that’s controlled by the “worlds elite” this is also part of...
  11. Hoddy

    The Coronavirus thread.

    rationing man. how much for a sheet?
  12. Hoddy

    I want to register as a microbrewery and sell my own beer

    You will also need trade waste permissions. one for disposing of spent grain and the other from your waste water supplier to dispose of trade waste down the drain. There are many other permits etc that you need like use classification for the location where you are going to brew. HMRC...
  13. Hoddy

    The Coronavirus thread.

    I went into a local supermarket on Tuesday to get some fruit, some milk and some other bits. My wife asked me if i was passing a shop this week to pick up some calpol as our oldest had been a bit off color earlier in the week and we had nearly used up what we had. All i can say is OMG! The...
  14. Hoddy

    Gypsum Additions

    This has got to be right up there.....
  15. Hoddy

    The Coronavirus thread.

    I also understand the reason why there is so much focus on this is because its the same virus. Flu/cold etc has so many different variants and strains and its constantly changing. Whereas this IS the SAME thing each time. the symptoms are the same, the order in which the illness is presented is...
  16. Hoddy

    New Tesco collection coming Monday

    I have found that the quality has been really inconsistent with these big releases and ultimately BD produced beers. I had a hazy jane the other week and it was so rank it was just nasty. And the wildcard beers have been really bad at times as well. I just hope that these ones with BD dont...
  17. Hoddy

    water quality test results questions

    Your alkalinity is at the better lower end @ Total alkalinity as CaCO3, mg/L 75. My water is 125-130 which is flexible enough to get decent quality light and dark beers. Your Sulfate is a touch higher than i have seen (24.9) but that just means you will need to add less gypsum for drier crisp...
  18. Hoddy

    New crossmyloof 'Haze' yeast.

    no temperature control on your fermentation by any chance? that’ll explain it.
  19. Hoddy

    Hops that Disappoint name and shame

    And also, as much as i hate to say it, its also down to the brewer. Processes and how to use the hops, when you use them and how much you look after your beer will also make a MASSIVE difference to the hop aroma and flavor of your beer. If most of peoples findings in this thread were reality...
  20. Hoddy


    Quality :laugh8:
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