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  1. hedgerowpete

    TEA WINE- beginners series - 1

    you want it to be down to at least 1010 a 1000 is better, afterwards back sweeten it with non sugar sweeteners
  2. hedgerowpete

    The Coronavirus thread.

    post deleted
  3. hedgerowpete

    The Coronavirus thread.

    post deleted
  4. hedgerowpete

    Co2 cost ££

    black rock home brew offered me co2 £70 for the bottle and £20 for the gas refils
  5. hedgerowpete

    The Coronavirus thread.

    post deleted
  6. hedgerowpete

    Fake £20 notes.

    i only got my first one yesterday from the cash point!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. hedgerowpete

    Organ Donation?

    Absolutly support the idea of mandatory donation as long as you can veto it and opt out,and that wish is kept. as for would I? the answer to that is never. i used to beleive it it and carried that thin blue and red card for many years. Along comes George Best and many others similar that use...
  8. hedgerowpete

    TEA WINE- beginners series - 1

    nope thats sounds normal a couple of weeks is about right, transfer it and know the co2 out of it and meta sulf to kill it and bottle. if you need to sweeten it use canderall not sugar
  9. hedgerowpete

    Fury v Wilder 2

    goes to show what happens when you put the effort in and develop those basics and perfect those skills. out classed mentally and physically from the first bell, he had won that even before he entered the ring
  10. hedgerowpete

    TEA WINE- beginners series - 1

    i cant believe some sicko leaves wine in a bottle after pulling the cork, its just wrong, i am sure in France they would bring the guillotine back just for this crime against wine
  11. hedgerowpete

    cornelius gas post fitting

    cheers dude,i knew someone would know where to look
  12. hedgerowpete

    cornelius gas post fitting

    I want to add a post fitting to a non fitting vessel. all the ones on the internet screw into a threaded part fitted to the vessel. its that vessel base post section i want please . can you buy a corny keg replacementfitting with a flanged base
  13. hedgerowpete

    TEA WINE- beginners series - 1

    well we are at day 23 now a short three weeks in and mine looks like this its thrown most of the yeast as thin lining, honest its not an inch deep, compared to what else is fermenting at the moment it is also slowing down and clearing slightly too
  14. hedgerowpete

    TEA WINE- beginners series - 1

    its a young wine and quick wine,, its never designed for storing or keeping brew this year, drink this year. i have no idea what an open bottle of wines stays good for i have a wife for those issues
  15. hedgerowpete

    Any foragers out there?

    horse is roast beef, a slight touch courser on the texture, think chunk steak course, squirel is chicken legs text ture, sinu and tight, to be far a lot of buggeration for a tiny mouth full mutton is my favour second is goat, we dont do lamb, i do more beef than pork, still in the shops in...
  16. hedgerowpete

    water quality test results questions

    Just had the fanstic work done by Neil regards a water quality test. now i am not toobothered with beer liquor issues as i can put these results in it to the beer smith programme to get my additions, but what i dooo want to know is is there any thing here in these results that jumps out as...
  17. hedgerowpete

    Storm Dennis

    I am based near the forest of dean all week, its been bad around monmouth and the area around Ross, not to bad near me and nothing at home. I see loads of people bleating on about this on the news but when you look at the films and the like i am not seeing a lot of self help and prior help...
  18. hedgerowpete

    TEA WINE- beginners series - 1

    when i started this thread i on purpose did not want to use a Hydrometer for its not needed for a beginner to make wine
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