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  1. markeemaark

    Melted airlock - Help!?

    Hi everyone. I am a new member here so this is my first post. I am desperate for answers to what has happened to my plum wine or more specifically, the airlocks. So my plum wine is now ready for bottling and this is the second batch I have made this year, however, I am now possibly at a point...
  2. bluehomebrew

    Airlock not bubbling

    Hey guys, I brewed my first beer with a Ballihoo fermenting bucket and barrel, about a month ago. I attached an air lock, but it did not bubble once during the month and a half it was brewing (apart from when I transported it in the car!). Rather surprisingly, the beer came out OK in the end...
  3. Bootcutboy

    Best type of airlock/blow off for Make your own red wine kit

    Ok so I have a brew fridge set up and I’ve just brewed a batch of Wilko Cerveza lager without an airlock, I just used foil over the airlock hole. My next brew is a Make Your Own Red Wine kit from the Range and it is also my first ever wine brew. I have read up about the kit on here and it...
  4. Bootcutboy

    Finished making my brew fridge, Will my airlock be ok??

    Howdy all, as you can see from the pics below I got my 1st beer fridge built yesterday and my first brew on the go today, just a wilko Cerveza lager to test the fridge out so I’m not too bothered if anything goes wrong this time. The only real problem I have is that there is not enough room...
  5. J

    Lots of yeast activity, nothing in the airlock

    Hello, I just brewed a DIPA (all grain) and 36 hours after I have no activity in the airlock. I can see lots of activity in the fermenter itself - particles swimming around like crazy - there’s a real party going on in there! Just nothing in the bubbler. Anyone any ideas what, if anything might...
  6. Carpersbrewing

    Wort contamination

    Evening, I’ve got a question that is bugging me and would be great if so one could clear it up it may sound stupid earlier today I took the air lock off my fermentor and a small amount of the sanitised solution fell into my wort. Will the affect my beer in the end in any way. The satanised...
  7. A

    First time brewer help!

    Hi i am doing my first home brew. after less than 24 hours the beer was coming through the water in the air lock. i looked online and it said to change the airlock and put it back on i did this several times. I did this for the last time some nearly 24 hour ago and now there are no bubbles in...
  8. AlanHarper

    FV Air Lock "boil over" trap

    I saw someone had a "boil over" of their air-lock that made a mess of their worktop and, although that hasn't happened to me I had an idea that may prevent it happening. The idea is to use the air-lock within another container - in this case a cut down plastic milk bottle so that will trap any...