apple juice

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  1. Richie_asg1

    Apple juice cider lacking something.

    I've done a few ciders from supermarket apple juice and although decent and well carbonated I am now looking to improve things. They just seem lacking in body and a bit thin compared to commercial ciders. I've been using GV13 cider yeast and not turbo or champagne yeasts. First thing I have...
  2. NJS100

    Frozen pressed apple juice & bottling

    Hi peps, new to the forum, thanks for having me! Have been making cider from home pressed apples & always used all my juice fresh. This year I have frozen nearly 10 litres and wondered if i need to do anything without (after thawing!) before using it. I intend mixing it with a supermarket juice...
  3. Cwrw666

    Campden tablets in apple juice

    Just a quick question - I pressed my apples 2 days ago and added 4 campden tablets to the 3.5 gallons of juice. Have I left it long enough to add the yeast now?