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  1. surferosa

    Reusing bottles - Ranked

    I’m pretty new to brewing, so green in fact that I hadn’t even thought of just re-using the bottles I was drinking from... until a month or 2 ago. So since then, I’ve been recycling pretty much everything I’ve drunk. Here’s my ranking of beer bottles for ease of label removal. Method: Soaking...
  2. Mastersmithson

    Plastic or glass bottles

    Hey all! So i was going to start brewing cider, however decided to go for lager instead as I've never done it before and looks a more beginner friendly! Alot of instructions I see say to either transfer into pint bottles OR pressure container. My question is 2 fold - 1) if going in to...
  3. Y

    Bottle reuse

    I’m back brewing after a long break due to family commitments. I’ve had all my brewing gear stored in the garage. I’ve bought a new brewing bucket as didn’t want to take any chances. My question is will I be ok using my collection of clear 500ml botttles that I’ve been hanging on to. They are...
  4. Kenboy

    Beer Crates

    Does anyone have any beer Crates they want rid of? Or any suggestions on where I can source some? Preferably plastic crates wide enough to hold a hobgoblin sized bottle. Anywhere between Birmingham and Milton Keynes would be perfect. Cheers
  5. Gulpitdarn

    Bottling Dangers

    Had to happen sometime I suppose, lucky there was no injury. The bottle was a Newcastle brown ale bottle. Are these kind of breakages common? first time it's happend to me.
  6. Dode

    Using whisky bottles

    One of my neighbours is a very definite whisky man, and he tends to buy it in half bottles. I've asked him if I can have his empty's, with a view to rinsing them out and then filling them up with a brew. Are there any possible problems with using an old whisky bottle, apart from the savings? So...
  7. Ron Bell

    Cider won't bottle condition

    My first ever attempt to make cider from my own apples went fine through to the end of fermentation in demijohns - down to a gravity of about zero. I racked it once. It was still cloudy but I decided to bottle it anyway hoping that it would clear in the bottle - and not minding about a bit of...