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  1. J

    First time brewing..

    Hey all, This is my first brew I've done and I went with the recommendations to do an extract kit. I went with Coopers Canadian Blonde (made with 1kg of dextrose.) The instructions said it would be done fermenting in about a week. Yesterday (one week in fv) I checked the gravity and it was at...
  2. P

    Hello from the Wirral!

    Hi, my name is Jon and I joined last month. I've been busy brewing IPAs and Stouts and having a great time! If there are any other homebrewers on merseyside that fancy meeting up to swap brews and tips, I'd be up for it. I haven't been able to find a nearby homebrew club. Cheers! Pugh
  3. J

    First all grain brew

    Howdy all! I've been home brewing cider and and extract beers for a couple years now, but recently obtained a grainfather all-in-one system. This will be my first all grain experience, so i was wondering if you guys and gals had any tips for brewing, fermentation, bottling, etc.?
  4. Carpersbrewing

    Protafloc just after boil?

    Hi, I had a brew day yesterday and forgot to add my Protafloc tab at 15min and panicked and put it in when at the whirlpool when the wort was 95c and gave it a good stir. Will this have any negative affect on the beer as it should of been added in the boil?
  5. Inkbird

    Mid-month Promotion For Inkbird Temperature Controller / Thermometer

    Hi buddy:p We have a Mid-month Promotion for some Inkbird Temperature Controller / Thermometer, hope the discount is helpful.:cheers2: 20% OFF for the Inkbird ITC-308 WIFI Temperature Controller Discount price:£36.79 ( Original price:£45.99 ) Time:14/10/2019 - 18/10/2019...
  6. R

    Brew for my Dad

    I have an interesting request. My father is visiting from Australia and only drinks his own homebrew. He would like to send his kit and have it brewed into a 5 or 11 gallon keg for my kegerator I have here in the UK. Would yourself or someone you know be able to brew 30 or 60 litres of his...
  7. Carpersbrewing

    Wort contamination

    Evening, I’ve got a question that is bugging me and would be great if so one could clear it up it may sound stupid earlier today I took the air lock off my fermentor and a small amount of the sanitised solution fell into my wort. Will the affect my beer in the end in any way. The satanised...
  8. Dode

    Using whisky bottles

    One of my neighbours is a very definite whisky man, and he tends to buy it in half bottles. I've asked him if I can have his empty's, with a view to rinsing them out and then filling them up with a brew. Are there any possible problems with using an old whisky bottle, apart from the savings? So...
  9. Dode

    Hello from wet and windy Shetland

    Hello everybody, Up here in Shetland prices are high and what's on offer is limited. That's probably the main reason that I've started brewing my own. I did some ginger beer the other week and really enjoyed it. At the moment I've got some cider that I'm slurping. Put a bit of cinnamon in when...
  10. TomC73

    Phoenix all grainer

    Hi Folks I'm new to this forum so hope that I'm posting in the right place. I'm no expert at brewing but truly enjoy trying and drinking what I manage to brew. Last year I managed to grow some Phoenix hops here in sunny Bristol(uk), so I decided I would brew up an all grain + orange zest, beer...