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  1. Iechyd Da Laa

    British Bake Off for Brewers!

    Hi, Can anyone help! I’m about to embark on my first full grain brew using my new Hopcat 45l. I have bought a Wainwright’s Golden Ale style recipe kit from The instruction for the brew day are like the technical challenge on Bake Off. The basics are there but it is...
  2. Jake Michael

    How long can grain keep?

    I ordered the grain for two brews last October but due to life getting in the way I have only been able to brew one of the beers. My question is, will the grain for my 2nd beer be okay to use 5 months after receiving it? I have kept it indoors in the dry, in a room that would have stayed...
  3. dhendy91

    DHendy's Brewdays

    So after getting one successful brew day under my belt with AG#1 Fullers Discover clone which you can find the thread on here AG#2 Red Setter Irish Ale On Sunday it was time to go for AG#2 which is the Irish...
  4. J

    First all grain brew

    Howdy all! I've been home brewing cider and and extract beers for a couple years now, but recently obtained a grainfather all-in-one system. This will be my first all grain experience, so i was wondering if you guys and gals had any tips for brewing, fermentation, bottling, etc.?
  5. D

    Astringent IPA

    Hey everyone. Hope this is the right place to post this and such. I just finished brewing an IPA using a recipe that I brewed months ago. To my horror when tasting the beer (my siphon skills were not perfect and ended up drinking some, also the grav reading test I tasted, same thing) there was...
  6. foxbat

    foxbat's brewdays

    I thought I might as well join the fun and post my own brewday log here in the forum. Today is an experimental bitter with the following recipe. I've never used Northdown before but Fullers use it and I very much enjoy a pint of Pride. I've also never added Chocolate malt to a bitter before but...