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  1. B

    How Much Grain?!?!

    Hey fellow Beeros 2022 is the year I come up with my own perfect recipe! Hoping to have a brew perfected for my wedding in July (we will see) Have been brewing for a year, mainly BIAB all grain, with limited equipment, but some pretty decent results. Now I'm moving into my own recipes rather...
  2. B

    RO Filters

    Hello all, I am in an area of very hard water (>250ppm) and was looking at a 3-stage RO filter to dilute my water for pilsners. Recently, I've been boiling to soften which is going to be crazy expensive. I'm wondering which one to go for. I was looking at the following: Option 1 (£55) Option 2...
  3. muppix

    How do you track your brews?

    Mornin’ all! This is a general question relating to procedure and as such could probably sit in any number of forums, but rather than cross-post and repeat myself I’ve decided to post it in General Beer Brewing Discussion since it seems to get the highest footfall. My apologies in advance to...
  4. P

    Filter after kegging...?

    Hello all, I dry hopped my latest brew but didn't put a little filter bag on my syphon when racking into my corny. I didn't cold crash. There's noticeable hop matter when I pour - not lots but noticeable. Currently carbed to about 12PSI. I have another corny that I could transfer into from...
  5. P

    Sending out home brew

    Hi All, I have a few friends from around the country that like my beer and want me to send it out to them to try. They want to pay P&P (as I can't afford to send it out to them otherwise) that OK, or does it count as buying the beer from HMRC's POV? I suppose it's like a subscription? My...
  6. Tuur Mertens

    Flavour Stability in Home Brewing

    Beer freshness is that what makes a good beer pop. Sadly enough, for both brewers and consumers alike, beer is unresistant to the tooth of time. Noticeable staling can already occur 2-3 months from packaging when stored at room temperature. As beer starts to fade, it loses precious aromas and...
  7. P

    Low Alcohol (hypothetical)

    "Hypothetical" might be the wrong word, but I'm interested in knowing the ways to reduce the abv of a particular recipe. Are there any other options in addition to the following? - use less malt - cold crash earlier and then rack off, away from the yeast - dilute the wort Is the repercussion...
  8. KegThat


    We are giving away a free wort chiller! Please comment below if you would like to be considered. We will pick the winner 30th May and post it out. Please check out our site for more information on wort chillers: Wort Chillers We make our wort chillers to order! The winner will receive a wort...
  9. P

    Hello from the Wirral!

    Hi, my name is Jon and I joined last month. I've been busy brewing IPAs and Stouts and having a great time! If there are any other homebrewers on merseyside that fancy meeting up to swap brews and tips, I'd be up for it. I haven't been able to find a nearby homebrew club. Cheers! Pugh
  10. Bootcutboy

    Finished making my brew fridge, Will my airlock be ok??

    Howdy all, as you can see from the pics below I got my 1st beer fridge built yesterday and my first brew on the go today, just a wilko Cerveza lager to test the fridge out so I’m not too bothered if anything goes wrong this time. The only real problem I have is that there is not enough room...
  11. P

    Brewzilla + Mash Thickness

    I'm keen to know if there are others with biab brew systems that struggle to stick to recommended mash thickness in recipes? I tend to find that I need to have more water in to mash the grain in my grain bill. Has anyone experienced the same? Does it matter? I'm struggling to hit ideal OGs and...
  12. P

    Typical gravity dropoff

    Hello! I brewed a milk stout 2 days ago with an OG of 1.060. 2 days later and it's at 1.026. Is that typical? Seemed a bit steep which made me start doubting my original readings although I was pretty careful to take them at accurately and at ~20C. Thanks!
  13. Stout Brewing

    Think I might be hooked...

    So, on Sunday I finally cracked a bottle of my first all grain, own recipe beer (a Chocolate Milkshake Stout, at least that’s what I’m calling it)…and was bloody pleased! Before that I had done one Brooklyn Brew Shop kit, which came out average at best, so on Sunday’s tasting I have to admit I...
  14. Inkbird

    Inkbird Black Friday Sale - Up to 30%Off! SAVE YOUR MONEY!

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  15. Inkbird

    Discounts for Inkbird Temperature Controller

    Hey guys:beer1:, before the Black Friday, our some Inkbird units applied some Discounts for Amazon prime activity (29th, Nov- 2nd, Dec ). acheers. If there are Inkbird units on your wish list, order today and get the package by Black Friday, Discount details check the following photos and links...
  16. R

    Can I add food colouring to beer?

    Hi all A friend and I are brewing a golden ale, it's currently fermenting in the bucket, we're going to transfer it to bottles soon. I am hoping to make a few of them bright green as a novelty. If I added food colouring to a few of the bottles at the bottling stage, will this negatively affet...
  17. L

    Neutral tasting Sugar Wash

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to brew to most neutral-tasting sugar wash (ideally, it should taste like water). The end-goal is to have that neutral tasting alcohol base and mix it with flavors. I've been experimenting with fermentation with Turbo Yeast, demineralized water and white sugar (from...
  18. surferosa

    Mash pan too small?

    Hi, I'm pretty new to brewing. I've made one extract brew so far, it's bottled, but not ready for drinking yet... I'm considering making another brew, using the boil in a bag method in the meanwhile. I've found a kit on malt miller that comes with all the grains etc. which i though would be...
  19. Inkbird

    30% OFF Lightning Deal TODAY(16th,Aug) for Inkbird WIFI ITC-308 Temperature Controller

    :smallcheers: 30%OFF Lightning Deal TODAY Time: 16:20 BST - 22:20 BST for Inkbird WIFI Brewing Controller (for heating and cooling) Discount Price:£32.19 (Original price:£45.99) :beer1:Product details: 1. Plus - n - play 2. Free app, which...
  20. Brianbrewed

    Eco-Friendly Brewing

    Nice little article about a Trappist Brewery in the Netherlands