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  1. J

    Lockdown Turbo Cider and the mystery of the hydrometer

    Hi I really don't know what I am doing, I saw some treads about turbo cider and thought I'll have a go. So as usuall I jumped in and started, got a Demi John and added yeast and then found I should take a hydrometer reading, but I didn't have one at that point so ploughed ahead. Actually the...
  2. Bootcutboy

    A little advice on using hops with lager/cider kits please

    Hi all, I have just bought some citra hops and have been recommended a couple of other types of hops by beer brewers. I am wanting to try a couple of basic/cheap 23L lager and cider kits With the addition Of these hops but I don’t really know where to start. I need to know at what stage do I...
  3. Nev166

    Summer Fruits Cider

    Just started a summer fruits cider. Making 5L 3L Apple Juice 1L Cranberry Juice 400g frozen summer fruit mix 80g Sugar dissolved in 100ml water 1tsp Pectolase 1tsp Nutrient 1tsp Gervin Cider Yeast OG 1.042 Will let you know how it goes!
  4. ewanGraham

    Smelly cider / help.

    Hey, I tried to make myself a pomegranate cider. I did 2.7 litre of pomegranate juice And probably roughly 2 litre of apple juice 100 gram of sugar Yeast nutrient Bulldog sweet cider yeast 4grams I added this all in on Sunday and let it bubble away once it had stopped I topped up with the...
  5. Bristol43

    New to home cider making

    Hi All, I’ve just joined the forum as I’m looking to start making my own cider. I think I understand the basic process, and will try some small batches as practice to start off with. I’ll probably use shop bought pure 100% Apple juice first, but eventually want to press my own apples with a...
  6. ewanGraham


    So I bought a telescope syphon and it was a real problem so I will ordered myself a auto syphon from what I’ve seen they work better. However due to this not working I just poured my cider out the Demi John? Have I messed up doing this will something go wrong with the cider as all I see is use a...
  7. JohnnyPitralon

    Oxygen ==> the enemy of cider too?

    Hello there Having dreamed of producing my own 'poison' for years, I have finally made the splash and started my first cider batch. However, spending time here in the forum has scared me a little. My plan was to transfer the cider after fermentation from the fermenter to the pressure barrel...
  8. max673

    Fruity cider recipe suggestions

    So I just started my first ever batch of cider using the below. And, I was wondering whats the best way I can make a fruity cider something like Kopparberg would be good, does anyone have recipe suggestions? how to prepare and how long to ferment? Yeast 4 Liters Apple juice clear 750ml...
  9. Bootcutboy

    How long to leave cider kit to clear please?

    Hi all. As per attached pic of Magnum Strawberry Cider Kit I just noticed that the instructions State that after secondary fermentation has occurred “Then leave cool to clear”, bit vague, how long should I leave it to clear for and should it be primed and bottled before leaving to clear? I...
  10. Bootcutboy

    Should I juice or blend fruit for adding to secondary fermentation?

    Howdy all I have some blackberries and limes that I want to add to a cider kit at secondary fermentation Later today, I will be syphoning into another FV to get rid of the sediment before adding the fruit and popping back in the beer fridge. My question is Should I be straining and adding just...
  11. Jack135

    Help with finding a turbo cider recipe

    Hi all, i’ve made 2 beer kits previously and now want to try a simple cider. I don’t like fizzy ciders very much, i prefer a scrumpy type. So my main question is, what’s the best turbo recipe for me to follow that is on this site? I don’t want anything too overly complicated as I’m still...
  12. Richie_asg1

    Apple juice cider lacking something.

    I've done a few ciders from supermarket apple juice and although decent and well carbonated I am now looking to improve things. They just seem lacking in body and a bit thin compared to commercial ciders. I've been using GV13 cider yeast and not turbo or champagne yeasts. First thing I have...
  13. M

    I didn’t sieve

    Hello, newbie here and looking for some advice... I didn’t sieve or strain my pressed juice, for whatever reason I under estimated the amount of pulp. It’s now all in my demijohn and fermenting nicely. Can I rectify the pulp problem? Strain it now and carry on fermenting? It’s been going for a...
  14. Sammy391

    Can I reuse turbo cider?

    Hi guys started a turbo cider about 4 days ago, no bubbles and I have no idea if it’s fermenting... If it hasn’t/doesn’t ferment at all, is it possible to boil up and re start using this Apple juice , rather than being left with 30l of funky AJ?
  15. M

    Cider Secondary Fermentation and Maturing

    Hello all, This is the first post on the forum and I am a bit new to brewing. Last Saturday (19th) I started my first pressed apple wild yeast cider. As far as I can tell it's going well, bubbling away happily. I will be taking a sample soon to check with a hydrometer. I have been looking...
  16. Sammy391

    Help needed! New to TC , have I ruined it?

    Hi guys started my first ever batch of turbo cider , 30l of Tesco Apple juice (from concentrate) A mixture of tea bags, sugar and some berry cordial. 9g of wilko gervin ale yeast no bubbles what so ever in the first 24 hours , not sure of the temperature but room temp minimum- and I’m worried...
  17. Mastersmithson

    Gravity not changing much?

    Hey all, So about a week or so ago I started Apple cider (kit) and put it into the FV with the yeast etc. The OG was 1.038. I just checked it today and it is only 1.030. It is still bubbling away but the kit instructions said about 4 to 6 days? I put Dark Fruit cider on at the same time and...
  18. Mastersmithson

    Wilko Wild Pickings Cider

    Has anyone tried this? Ive just finished my Lager kit (youngs harvest Lager) and whilst that is settling in the bottle, I was to crack straight on. I fancy doing a fruity cider so I was just wondering what this is like?
  19. Peapodmaster

    Back to it.

    Hey all; after a 7 year long hiatus from brewing (due to travelling, education and work) i have decided to return with huge gusto! I have so many plans ahead of brews i want to try, i have only previously done Standard turbo ciders, wine kits and 1 beer kit. I still have a couple of bottles of...
  20. Higstone

    Newbie here, looking for advice please

    Hi everyone , Just made my first batch of cider, everything has gone smooth so far following advice I've seen on this forum, so thanks! I am struggling with the final process of bottle carbonation. I am after a medium sparkling cider, so after fermentation I had a F.G of 0.998, I moved the...